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Academy Awards Show from 1955
Hosted by Bob Hope, with Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Bing Crosby, Martin and Lewis, Bette Davis and more (one hour).

Action in the Afternoon
Live 1953-54 western series broadcast from Philadelphia and starring Jack Valentine. Also on this tape: Lash of the West starring Lash LaRue.

Adventures in Paradise VOLUME 1
Lush 1959-62 adventure series set in the South Pacific and starring Gardener McKay as adventurer Adam Troy, owner of the schooner Tiki. Based on James A. Michener's bestseller.
'Castaways' with Viveca Lindfors and Fifi D'Orsay (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise VOLUME 2
'Vendetta' with Diane Baker and Rita Moreno (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise VOLUME 3
'The Velvet Trap' with Tuesday Weld and Bert Freed (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise VOLUME 4
'Whip-Fight' with Susan Oliver (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise VOLUME 5
'Angel of Death' with Inger Stevens (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise VOLUME 6
'Isle of Eden' with Yvonne DeCarlo (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise VOLUME 7
'The Amazon' with Lizabeth Scott and Claude Akins (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise VOLUME 8
'Bamboo Curtain' with Anne Francis and David Opatshu (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise VOLUME 9
'The Lady from South Chicago' with Paulette Goddard, Suzanne Pleshette, Simon Oakland and Anna May Wong - and watch closely for a brief appearance by Tor Johnson (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Reluctant Hero' with Dick York and Susan Oliver (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Command at Sea' with Raymond Massey and Phillip Ahn (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Beachhead' with Glynis Johns (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'A Touch of Genius' with John Abbott, Jessie Royce Landis and Cecil Kellaway (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Haunted' with Kim Hunter and Elaine Stritch (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Appointment at Tari-Bi' (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Archer's Ring' (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Walk Through the Night' with Lawrence Tierney and Brock Peters. Also includes a great promo for the rare Charles Bronson show 'Man with a Camera' (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Passage to Tua' with Diane Baker (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Black Pearl' with Lon Chaney, Jr., Patricia Medina, Kurt Kasznar and Anthony Steel (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Daughter of Illusion' with Barbara Steele and Alan Napier (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Hangman's Island' with Carroll O'Connor (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Krismen' with Agnes Moorehead (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Show Me a Hero' with David Jansen (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'One Way Ticket' with Buddy Ebsen (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Color of Venom' with Vincent Price (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Wild Mangoes' with Lisa Gaye and Simon Oakland (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'A Bride for the Captain' with Ray Walston (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Nightmare on Napuka' with Martin Landau (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Jonah Stone' with Gloria deHaven and Hans Conreid (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Safari at Sea' with Diana Lynn and John Ericson (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Raft' with Vince Edwards (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Violent Journey' with Natalie Trundy (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Forbidden Sea' with Joan Blondell, John McGiver and Henry Silva (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Somewhere South of Suva' with Alexis Smith (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Siege of Troy' with Ron Randell and Joanna Moore (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Prisoner in Paradise' with Fay Bainter and Patricia Cutts (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'There Is An Island' with Herbert Marshall and Carmen Phillips (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Big Surf' with Betsy von Furstenburg, Robert Sampson and Pilar Seurat (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Sink or Swim' with Constance Towers and John Dehner (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Heads You Lose' with Luciana Paluzzi and Sean McClory (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Beached' with Marilyn Maxwell, Reed Morgan, Fuji and Simon Oakland (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'A Whale of a Tale' with Juliet Prowse and Cal Bolder (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Incident in Suva' with Joanna Barnes (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Treasure Hunt' with Cesare Danova and Chana Eden (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Mr. Flotsam' with Reginald Gardiner, Bruce Gordon and Martin Landau (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Good Killing' with John Van Dreelen (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Man Eater' with Kent Smith, Bethel Leslie and John Fiedler (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Act of Piracy' with Stephen Hill, Joanna Linville and Peter Whitney (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Feather Cloak' with Pippa Scott, George Macready and Phillip Pine (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Serpent in the Garden' with Marilyn maxwell and Alan Hale (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Flamin' Lady' with Cathleen Nesbitt, Harvey Korman and Patricia Cutts (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Assassins' with Madlyn Rhue (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Once There Was a Princess' with Ina Blin and Paul Hartman (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Please Believe Me' with Kent Smith, Jacqueline Scott and Sarah Marshall (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Quest of Ambrose Marshall' with Reginald Owen, Pippa Scott, Christopher Dark and Jess White (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Secret Place' with Dan O'Herlihy and Donald Losby (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Dream Merchant' with Larry Blyden, Constance Ford and Patricia Breslin (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Pretender' with Cecil Kellaway, Ann Helm and Mark Roberts (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Fires of Kanua' with Nancy gates and Barry Morse (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Once Around the Circuit' with Peggy Ann Garner and Mike Kellin. Originally aired 10/17/60. Includes original commercials (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'The Babysitters' with Erika Peters. Originally aired 3/25/62 (one hour).

Adventures in Paradise
'Blueprint for Paradise' with Pilar Seurat and John Fiedler. Originally aired 4/1/62, this was the last episode of the series (one hour).

Adventures of Champion / Steve Canyon
(1955-56) Barry Curtis and Jim Bannon / (1958-59) Dean Fredericks and Jerry Paris

Adventures of Cyclone Malone VOLUME 1
Rarely seen 1949 puppet show.

Adventures of Cyclone Malone VOLUME 2

Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu
Glen Gordon starred as Sax Roemer's notorious Oriental mastermind in this 1956 series. Also with Les Stevens as Nayland Smith. 'The Golden God of Dr. Fun Manchu' plus 'The Master Plan of Dr. Fu Manchu'

Adventures of Ellery Queen / Files of Jeffrey Jones
(1951) Lee Bowman / 'The Dusty Doll' with Don Haggerty

Adventures of Hiram Holiday VOLUME 1
Wally Cox starred in this 1956-57 comedy series about a newspaper proofreader who is sent on a round the world trip as a reward for his good work (he corrected a news story and prevented a major lawsuit against his paper).
'Sea Cucumber' and 'Hawaiian Humza.'

Adventures of Hiram Holiday VOLUME 2
'Lapidary Wheel' and 'Romantic Pigeon.'

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 1
Scott Forbes starred as the rugged 19th Century American in this 1956-58 adventure series.
'The Squatter' and 'The Gambler.'

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 2
'The Pearl and the Crown' and 'Apache Silver.'

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 3
'The Tempered Blade' and 'Birth of the Blade.'

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 4
'Jim Bowie - Apache' and 'The Horse Thief' with Chuck Connors.

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 5
'A Night in Tennessee' and 'A Grave for Jim Bowie.'

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 6
'Jackson's Assassination' and 'Osceola.'

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 7
'Ursula' and 'Rezin Bowie - Gambler.'

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 8
'The Land Jumpers' and 'Pirate on Horseback.'

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 9
'Deaf Smith' and 'Beggar of New Orleans.'

Adventures of Jim Bowie VOLUME 10
'Trapline' and 'Close Shave.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 1
1951 syndicated show starring Bill Williams as the famous scout and Don Diamond as his sidekick El Toro.
'Thunder Over Inyo' and 'Road to Monterey.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 2
'Singing Wires' and 'Devil's Angels Camp.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 3
'Bad Men of Narysville' and 'Feud in San Filipe.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 4
'Spoilers of California' and 'Heroes of Hermosa.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 5
'Road to Destiny' and 'Ticket to Mexico.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 6
'Baron of Black Springs' and 'The Marango Story.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 7
'Law of the Six Guns' and 'Pledge to Danger.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 8
'Law of the Frontier' and 'Powdersmoke Trail.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 9
'Fury at Red Gulch' and 'Range Master.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 10
'Trail to Old Sonora' and 'Outlaw Paradise.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 11
'The Golden Trap' and 'Trouble in Tuscarora.'

Adventures of Kit Carson VOLUME 12
'Ventura Feud' and 'The Trap.'

Adventures of Long John Silver VOLUME 1
Syndicated adventure series starring Robert Newton as the famous pirate. With Kit Taylor as young Jim Hawkins and Connie Gilchrist as Purity - owner of John's favorite watering hole. Filmed in Australia and originally aired in 1955.
'The Devil's Stew' and 'Sword of Vengeance.'

Adventures of Long John Silver VOLUME 2
'Turnabout' and 'Ship of the Dead.'

Adventures of Long John Silver VOLUME 3
'Eviction' and 'The Pink Pearl.'

Adventures of Long John Silver VOLUME 4
'The Necklace' and 'Miss Purity's Birthday.'

Adventures of Long John Silver VOLUME 5
'Pieces of Eight' and 'Dead Reckoning.'

Adventures of Long John Silver VOLUME 6
'Dragon Slayer' and 'Tales of a Tooth.'

Adventures of Long John Silver VOLUME 7
'Orphan's Christmas' and 'Execution Dock.'

Adventures of Red Ryder
Pilot episode ('Gun Trouble Valley') starring Allan 'Rocky' Lane in the title role.
Also on this tape: An episode of the popular series Mr. Ed

Adventures of Robin Hood VOLUME 1
This U.K. series was aired in the States from 1955-58. Starring Richard Green as the legendary bandit.
'Highlander' and 'Isabella.'

Adventures of Robin Hood VOLUME 2
'May Queen' and 'Goodbye Little John.'

Adventures of Robin Hood VOLUME 3
'Apple for the Archer' and 'The Youngest Outlaw.'

Adventures of Robin Hood VOLUME 4
'Tables Turned' and 'Bandit for Britton.'

Adventures of Robin Hood VOLUME 5
'The Dream' and 'The Traitor.'

Adventures of Robin Hood
'Children of Greenwood' and 'The Miser.'

Adventures of Robin Hood
'The Coming of Robin' (pilot episode) and 'The Money Lender.'

Adventures of Robin Hood
'Year and a Day' and 'Secret Mission.'

Adventures of Robin Hood
'Thorkill Ghost' and 'Quickness of Hand.'

Adventures of Robin Hood
'Youthful Menace' and 'Prisoner.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 1
1954 syndicated production featuring Ronald Howard as the famous sleuth, with H. Marion-Crawford as his assistant Dr. Watson. 'The Red Headed League' and 'Deadly Prophecy.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 2
'Jolly Hangman' and 'Vanished Detective.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 3
'The Belligerent Ghost' and 'Baker Street Bachelors.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 4
'Haunted Gainsborough' and 'Exhumed Client.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 5
'Case of the Singing Violin' and 'Case of the Shoeless Engineer.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 6
'The Mother Hubbard Case' and 'Case of the Unlucky Gambler.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 7
'Case of the Diamond Tooth' and 'Case of the Careless Suffragette.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 8
'Case of the Imposter Mystery' and 'Case of the Greystone Inscription.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 9
'Case of the Thistle Killer' and 'Case of the Split Ticket.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 10
'The Case of Blindman's Bluff' and 'Case of the Baker Street Nursemaid.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 12
'Case of the Cunningham Heritage' and 'The Case of Lady Beryl.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 13
'Case of the Shy Ballerina' and 'Case of the French Interpreter.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 14
'Case of the Pennsylvania Gun' and 'Case of the Reluctant Carpenter.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 15
'Case of the Winthrop Legend' and 'Case of the Laughing Mummy.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 16
'Case of the Neurotic Detective' and 'Case of the Impromptu Performance.'

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes VOLUME 17
'Case of the Royal Murder' and 'Case of the Perfect Husband.'

Adventures of Sir Lancelot VOLUME 1
British import from the 1956-57 season. Starring William Russell in the title role, with Ronald Leigh-Hunt as King Arthur, Jane Hylton as Guinevere, Cyril Smith as Merlin and Bobby Scroggins as Brian the Squire.
'The Theft of Excalibur' and 'Lady Lilith.'

Adventures of Sir Lancelot VOLUME 2
'The Ferocious Fathers' and 'Montaise Fair.'

Adventures of Sir Lancelot VOLUME 3
'The Ugly Duckling' and 'Knight with the Red Plume.'

Adventures of Sir Lancelot VOLUME 4
'The Lesser Breed' and 'Ruby of Radnor.'

Adventures of Sir Lancelot VOLUME 5
'The Prince of Limerick' and 'Witches Brew.'

Adventures of Superpup
Original 1958 pilot.

Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel VOLUME 1
1958 Euro-import starring Marius Goring as the hero of the French Revolution. Based on the book by Baroness Orczy.
'Sword of Justice' and 'The Elusive Chavulin.'

Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel VOLUME 2
'Sir Andrew's Fate' and 'Tale of Two Pigtails.'

Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel VOLUME 3
'The Hostage' and 'The Ambassador's Lady.'

Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel VOLUME 4
'Antone and Antoinette' and 'Sir Percy's Wager.'

Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel / The Lone Wolf
Marius Goring and Robert Shaw / Louis Hayward

African Patrol
John Bentley starred as Inspector Paul Derek in this 1959 adventure series shot in Kenya. Two complete episodes.

African Patrol / Jungke Jim
John Bentley / Johnny Weissmuller

Alcola Premiere
'The Jail' with John Gavin. An Alfred Hitchcock production written by Ray Bradbury and directed by Norman Lloyd (one hour).

Alcola Premiere
'The Fortress' with Lloyd Bridges (one hour).

Alcoa Premiere / Screen Directors Playhouse
A pair of baseball stories from famed director John Ford.
'Flashing Spikes' (1962) starring James Stewart and 'Rookie of the Year' (1955) starring John Wayne. 90 minutes total.

American Sportsman / Let's Go Hunting
Featuring Roy Rogers, Jimmy Dean and Dennis Morgan.

Amos 'n' Andy
Classic 1951-53 series starring Tim Moore as George 'Kingfish' Stevens, Spencer Williams as Andy, Alvin Childress as Amos, Ernestine Wade as Sapphire Stevens, Amanda Randolph as Mama and Nick O'Demus as Lightnin'.
'The Singing Tennant' and 'The Christmas Show.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Madam Queen's Voice' and 'Insurance Policy.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Kingfish Gets Amnesia' and 'Girl at the Station.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Kingfish Teaches Andy to Fly' and 'Second Honeymoon.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Press Agent' and 'Invisible Glass.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Uranium Mine' and 'Father by Proxy.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Chinchilla Business' and 'Andy the Godfather.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Andy Buys a House' and 'Meal Ticket.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Getting Mama Married' parts one and two.

Amos 'n' Andy
'Andy Helps Out' and 'Leroy Lends a Hand.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Ready Made Family' and 'The Diner.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Superfine Brush' and 'Kingfish Sells a Lot.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Hospitalization' and 'The Boarder.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Andy Gets a Telegram' and 'Kingfish Gets Drafted.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Society Party' and 'The Convention.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Kingfish's Last Friend' and 'Relatives.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Ballet Tickets' and 'Broken Clock.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Young Girl's Mom' and 'Sapphire Disappears.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Ball Game' and 'Turkey Dinner.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Andy Falls in Love' and 'Traffic Violations.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'The Happy Stevens'' and 'Vacation Show.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'The Rare Coin' and 'Andy Plays Santa Claus.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Kingfish's New Neighbor' and 'Call Lehigh 4-9900.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Andy Needs Glasses' and 'Income Tax.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Kingfish Pawns a Gun' and 'Quo Vadis.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Seeing is Believing' and 'Antique Shop.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Leroy's Suits' and 'Kingfish's Secretary.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Arabia' and 'Engagement Ring.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Cousin Effie's Will' and 'The Adoption.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'The Winslow Woman' and 'Viva La France.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'The Birthday Card' and 'The Light Blue Car.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Kingfish Goes to Work' and 'Kingfish Buys a Chair.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Kingfish Finds His Future' and 'The Piggy Bank.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'Kingfish Has a Baby' and 'Jewelry Store Robbery.'

Amos 'n' Andy
'The Gun' and 'The Chair.'

Andy's Gang / The Gabby Hayes Show
Andy Divine / Gabby Hayes

Annie Oakley VOLUME 1
Action-packed 1952-56 western series starring Gail Davis as the famed sharpshooter. Also with Brad Johnson as lawman Lofty Craig and Jimmy Hawkins as Tagg.
'Dutch Gunmaker' plus 'Shadow at Sonoma.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 2
'Treasure Map' plus 'Annie and the Leprechauns.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 3
'Joker on Horseback' plus 'Twisted Trails.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 4
'Desperate Men' plus 'Sundown Stage.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 5
'Bike Riders' plus 'Western Privateers.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 6
'Dude's Decision' plus 'Lilly Maid.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 7
'Dead Man's Bluff' plus 'Tall Tale.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 8
'First Phone' plus 'Annie Rings the Bell.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 9
'Tomboy' plus 'Reckless Press.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 10
'Dude's Stagecoach' plus 'Outlaw Brand.'

Annie Oakley VOLUME 11
'Sharp Shooting Annie' plus 'Hard Rock Trail.'

Archie / The Alan Young Show
Pilot episode with Roland Winters and John Simpson / Young's pre-'Mister Ed' series with Polly Bergen

Armstrong Circle Theatre /
'The Bells of Cockaingne' (1953) starring James Dean and Gene Lockhart plus 'Broadway Trust' starring Gene Lockhart and Lloyd Bridges.

Arrest and Trial
Fascinating 1963-64 crime show which was actually two programs in one. Detective Ben Gazzara apprehends the criminal and then defense attorney Chuck Connors tries to get them off the hook.
'Call It a Lifetime' with guest stars Tony Franciosa and Ruta Lee (90 minutes).

Arthur Murray's Medal Ball
An hour of music and dance originally aired November 21, 1954 on KTLA Los Angeles.

Award Theatre / Alfred Hitchcock Presents
'Tales of Frankenstein.' A moody production from Hammer Films with Anton Diffring - directed by Curt Siodmak.
Plus: Alfred Hitchcock hosts 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' written by Robert ('Psycho') Bloch and starring Diana Dors and Brandon de Wilde.

Badge 714 (Dragnet) VOLUME 1
Syndicated title for Jack Webb's classic cop show 'Dragnet.'
'Big Shoplift' and 'Big Hit and Run.'

Badge 714 (Dragnet) VOLUME 2
'Big Bird' and 'Big Trunk.'

Badge 714 (Dragnet) VOLUME 3
'Big Girl' with Caroline Jones and 'Big Boys' with Leonard Nimoy

Badge 714 (Dragnet) VOLUME 4
Two untitled episodes.

see also 'Dragnet'

Batgirl and more
Original pilot film that introduced Yvonne Craig as the super female crimefighter (complete with her original costume - later redesigned). Also with Adam West and Burt Ward. This tape also features a promo for new episodes of 'Batman' featuring Batgirl - plus: A 1974 Labor Department public service announcement featuring Batman, Robin and Batgirl, and scenes from unsold 1960s pilots for 'Wonder Woman' and 'Dick Tracy' (with guest villian Victor Buono).

Bat Masterson
Starring Gene Barry. 'The Fightee' with guest star Marie Windsor and 'Stampede At Tent City' with guest star William Conrad.

Bat Masterson
'Turkey Shoot' with guest star Lon Chaney, Jr. and 'Crazy Creek Station' with John Anderson and Peggy Knudsen

Bat Masterson
Three great episodes of the classic series. 'Barnaby Castle' with Jay Novello and Gloria Talbott, 'Marked Deck' with Denver Pyle and 'The Prescott Campaign' with John Dehner (approx. 90 minutes).

Bat Masterson / Colt .45
'Mister Four Paws' / 'Rebellion'

Beat the Clock
Bud Collier hosts two episodes of the popular 1950s game show.

Behind Your Radio Dial
This 1948 industrial film from NBC shows you the behind the scenes action during the production of a radio program. Also on this tape: Westinghouse Presents.

Bell Telephone Hour
'Designs in Music' with Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Dorothy Collins, Margot Fonteyn and Joan Sutherland (12/8/61).

Ben Casey
'To the Pure' with Vince Edwards and Sam Jaffe.

Ben Casey
'A Little Fun to Match the Sorrow' with guest star Jerry Lewis. Also with James Best and Tige Andrews.

The Best of Shindig
An hour of 1960s fun with The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The Supremes, The Righteous Brothers, The Turtles, Leslie Gore, The Four Tops, The Dave Clark Five, Sonny & Cher, The Hollies, The Yardbirds (with Jeff Beck), Donovan, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Peter & Gordon, The Kingsmen, Freddie & the Dreamers, The Lovin' Spoonful and The Four Tops.

The Betty Hutton Show
1959-60 situation comedy featuring the popular movie star. Betty stars as Goldie Appleby, manicurist and former showgirl who is named exectutrix of a millionaire's estate and given custody of his three children!
'For Goldie's Sake' and 'Roy Runs Away.'

Two complete episodes featuring the beloved character who originally appeared on radio's 'Fibber McGee and Molly. With Louise Beavers and Ruby Dandridge.

Beulah VOLUME 2
With Louise Beavers, Ruby Dandridge, Ernest Williams and Arthur Q. Bryan.

Bigelow Theatre / Four Star Playhouse
'Big Hello' starring Cesar Romero and Raymond Burr / 'Wild Bunch' starring Natalie Wood and Charles Boyer.

Big Red Shindig
Starring Hank Thompson and Grandpa Jones (one hour).

The Big Story
Newspaper yarns hosted by Burgess Meredith.
'Woman Killed in Cleveland' and 'Shakedown Racket Exposed' (Portland, Oregon).

Big Town / Hollywood Off-Beat
Patrick McVey / Melvin Douglas

Big Town / Front Page Detective
Mark Stevens / Edmund Lowe in 'Murder Can't Win' with guest star Lyle Talbot

The Bing Crosby Show
1964-65 domestic situation comedy that featured Beverly Garland as Bing's wife. Two complete episodes.

The Bing Crosby Special
Featuring Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (one hour).

Bing Crosby
Pilot for his variety show (featuring guest Jack Benny) and an episode of his situation comedy show with Beverly Garland.

Bobby Darin and Friends
Featuring Ed Sullivan, Judy Garland, Connie Francis and Jack Benny (90 minutes).

Bobby Darin and Friends
Featuring Bob Hope and Joannie Summers.

Bobby Darin in London
Join Bobby in his special one hour Paladium concert.

Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre
see 'The Seven Little Foys'

Bold Journey
'Your television passport to the world of adventure - bringing you each week a guest who has journeyed far.'
'The Cartoon King in Africa' (with Gordon Scott) and 'Kenya.'

Bonanza Volume 1
The Gunman / Blood on the Land

Bonanza Volume 2
The Avenger / Feet of Clay

Bonanza Volume 3
Denver McKee / Escape to the Ponderosa

Bonanza Volume 4
The Fear Merchants / San Francisco Holiday

Bonanza Volume 5
Bitter Water / The Stranger

Bonanza Volume 6
Dark Star / Death at Dawn

Bonanza Volume 7
The Spitfire / The Spanish Grant

Boston Blackie / The Whistler
'Univited Death' (1950) with Kent Taylor / 'The Other Hand' with John Howard

Bourbon Street Beat
Private eye series that aired 1959-60. Set in New Orleans (shot on the set of 'A Streetcar Named Desire') and starring Richard Long, Andrew Duggan, Arlene Howell and Van Williams ('The Green Hornet').
'Inside Man' (one hour).

Brave Eagle, Chief of the Cheyennes
Keith Larsen, Kim Winona and Bert Wheeler star in two complete episodes from the 1955-56 series - one of the few westerns ever produced that showed events from the Indian perspective.

Brenda Starr
1976 TV movie starring sexy Jill St. John as the intrepid reporter.

The Broadway of Lerner and Lowe
Originally aired in 1962 on NBC. An hour of music and fun with Maurice Chevalier, Richard Burton and Julie Andrews.

Broken Arrow
Michael Ansara starred as Cochise in this 1956-58 western, famed for showing the American Indians with compassion. Also with John Lupton.
'The Trial' and 'Broken Wire.'

The Buccaneers
This 1956-57 adventure series features Robert Shaw as a former pirate who has decided to combat evil. Also on this tape: Long John Silver with Robert Newton as the good-natured pirate. Filmed in Australia and co-starring Kit Taylor and Connie Gilchrist.

Buffalo Bill, Jr.
1955 western program for youngsters. Starring Dick Jones in the title role. 'Legacy of Jesse James' and 'Fugitive from Injustice.'

Burns and Allen
Popular, long running (1950-58) comedy series featuring Geroge Burns and his wife Gracie Allen.
'Gracie's Vegetarian Plot' and 'Gracie Gives a Wedding.'

Burns and Allen
November 9, 1950 (third show produced) and May 22, 1952 (last kinescope)

The Buster Keaton Show
Two rare episodes from Buster's early 1950s program.

Caesar's Hour
1954-57 variety series featuring Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner and Nannette Fabray.

The Californians / The Rebel
'Death of Matt Wayne' with Richard Coogan, Carole Matthews and Art Fleming (later host of 'Jeopardy') / 'The Promise' with Nick Adams

Captain Gallant (Foreign Legionnaire)
Buster Crabbe stars in two holiday programs: 'The Boy Who Found Christmas' and 'The Gift.'

Captain Midnight
Richard Webb stars as a war hero who has dedicated his life to stamping out injustice. 1954-56 series co-stars Sid Melton as his wacky assistant, and Olan Soule ('Fantastic Planet') as their scientist pal. From the classic radio show. 'The Secret Room' plus 'The Secret Weapon.'

Captain Midnight
'Deadly Diamonds' plus 'The Frozen Man.'

Captain Midnight
'Mission to Mexico' plus 'Million Dollar Diamond.'

Captain Midnight
'Devil Below Zero' plus 'Frozen Alive.'

See also 'Jet Jackson,' 'The Green Hornet.'

Captain Video
Outer space adventure program that began in 1949 on the long-defunct Dumont network. Atrociously acted and crudely produced (space travelers wear business suits and smoke on board), this live serial makes fascinating veiwing for TV history buffs. Two complete episodes.

Captain Z-Ro VOLUME 1
Join the Captain as he travels through time and space in his rocket-ship-time-machine. 'Ghengis Kahn' plus 'Robot.'

Captain Z-Ro VOLUME 2
'Cortez' plus 'Alfred the Great.'

Carson's Cellar
Twenty-five year old Johnny Carson's comedy show broadcast on KNXT-TV, Los Angeles. It's really weird to see a young, young Johnny open with a typical Carson monologue, then launch into one energetic bit after another. This tape also includes a 1961 promotional film touting the new CBS Fall line-up. Hosts include Andy Griffith, Gary Moore, Sebastian Cabot, Bob Cummings, Rod Serling, Raymond Burr and Ed Sullivan. A lot of great scenes from many fine programs.

1955-56 drama based on the classic film. Starring Charles McGraw as Rick.
'The Siren Song' with Mari Blanchard (one hour).

Casey Jones
Alan Hale, Jr. in the pilot episode (including a special introduction of the series from the set. Also on this tape: The first episode of Fury with Peter Graves.

Cavalcade of Stars VOLUME 1
Hour-long variety series that ran 1949-52 on the DuMont network. Featuring Jackie Gleason, Bert Wheeler and Vivian Blaine (one hour).

Cavalcade of Stars VOLUME 2
Featuring Jackie Gleason and Smith & Dale (one hour).

The Champions
1968 British series featuring a trio of secret agents (Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo and William Gaunt) endowed with extrasensory perception and other powers.
'The Invisible Man' (one hour).

Charlie Chan
See The New Adventures of Charlie Chan.

1960-62 private eye series starring Doug McClure, Tony George and Sebastian Cabot. 'The Murder Game' (one hour).

'Deadly Shadow' (one hour).

'The Human Touch' with guest star Peter Lorre (one hour).

'A Funny Thing Happened On My Way to the Game' with guest stars Jack Benny and Tina Louise (one hour).

'Hot Wind on a Cold Town' with guest stars Ricardo Montalban and Martin Landau (one hour).

'Kill the Sound' with guest star Sid Caesar (one hour).

Runaway with Anna Maria Alberghetti (one hour).

Target: Tycoon with Charles Bickford (one hour).

Lady on the Brink with Jane Wyman (one hour).

Face in the Window with Joseph Cotten (one hour).

Ride a Wild Horse with David Janssen (one hour).

The Star System with Elizabeth Montgomery and Jack Lord (one hour).

Interrupted Honeymoon with Inger Stevens, Robert Vaughn, Robert Clarke and Stanley Clements (one hour).

Moment of Truth with Richard Conte, Martin Landau, Lisa Gaye, Victor Buono and Vitto Scotti (one hour).

Trial by Midnight with Dana Andrews (one hour).

Side by Side with Buddy Ebsen, Ed Nelson, Paul Carr and Eddie Quillan (one hour).

The Chevy Show
Featuring Louis Armstrong, Harpo Marx and Kay Starr (one hour).

Popular 1955-63 western series starring Clint Walker. 'Johnny Brassbuttons.' One hour - includes original commercials.

'White Warrior' with Michael Landon (one hour).

Chicago 2-1-2 / Unsolved
Frank Lovejoy / Simon Oakland

Children of the Night (1985)
Starring Karen Quinlan, Nicholas Campbell and Mario Van Peebles.

China Smith VOLUME 1
Starring Dan Duryea as an American adventurer living in Singapore. A mercenary - Smith sold his services tothe highest bidder.
'The Kaprielian Cipher' and 'The Yellow Jade Lion'

China Smith VOLUME 2
'Shanghai Clipper' and 'Bamboo Coffin'

China Smith VOLUME 3
'Tidewalker' and 'Sign of the Scorpion'

China Smith VOLUME 4
'Bible of Dr. Quail' and 'Devil Chaser'

China Smith VOLUME 5
'Blackwing of the Firebird' and 'Bandits of Malaya'

China Smith VOLUME 6
'Cruise to Columbo' and 'Broken Rice Bowl'

China Smith VOLUME 7
'Paper Dragon' and 'Straits Settlement' with Werner Klemperer and directed by Robert Aldrich

Cimarron City
George Montgomery starred as cattleman Matt Rockford in this western adventure series from 1958-59.
'The Rat Man' (one hour).

Circle of Fear (Ghost Story - 1973)
'Graveyard Shift' starring John Astin, Patty Duke Astin and William Castle. One hour.

The Cisco Kid VOLUME 1
This popular 1950 syndicated western series featured Duncan Renaldo as The Kid, with Leo Carillo as his sidekick Pancho.
'Quarterhorse' and 'The Postmaster.'

The Cisco Kid VOLUME 2
'Confession for Money' and 'Freight Line Feud.'

The Cisco Kid VOLUME 3
'Buried Treasure' and 'Protective Association.'>

The Cisco Kid VOLUME 4
'Ghost Town' with guest star Denver Pyle and 'Spanish Dagger.'

The Cisco Kid VOLUME 5
'Lost Identity' and 'Stolen Bonds.'

The Cisco Kid VOLUME 6
'Water Rights' and 'An Uncle Disinherits His Neice' with guest star Tom Tyler.

The Cisco Kid VOLUME 7
'The Old Bum' and 'Phoney Sheriff' with guest star Tom Tyler.

The Cisco Kid VOLUME 8
'Performance Bond' and 'Jewelry Hold-Up.'

The Cisco Kid VOLUME 9
'Quicksilver Murder' and 'Newspaper Crusaders.'

The Cisco Kid / The Caballero
'Postal Inspector' / Cesar Romero

Classic Commercials - Beer
Includes Colt 45, Blitz, Falstaff, Hamms, Burgermeister, Old Milwaukee, Jax, Miller, Schlitz, Molson, Pabst, Gunther, Reingold, Blatz, Goebel, Schaefer, Utica Club, Duquesne, Budweiser, Simon Pure, Genesee, Ballantine (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Cars
Chevrolet, DeSoto, Porsche, Volkswagon and many others (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Celebrities
Jack Benny, Peter Lorre, John Wayne (boasting about smoking Camel cigarettes for twenty years), James Dean (advising young people to drive safely), Louis Armstrong, Harpo Marx, Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett, Brooke Shields, Sandra Dee, Ali McGraw, Elke Sommer, Racquel Welch, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Willie Mays, Katherine Ross, Jimmy Durante, Ozzie & Harriet, Ronald Reagan and many other stars (and future stars) making pitches on TV (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Cereals
Breakfast cereal ads from the 1950s and 1960s. Includes Quisp and Quake, Freakies, Twinkles, King Vitaman, Cocoa Puffs and many more (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Cigarettes
Camel, Kool, Pall Mall, Old Gold and many others (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Jingles
You'll remember these catchy tunes! Bosco, Kellogs, Kool-Aid, Oscar Mayer and many more (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Promos VOLUME 1
The Avengers, The Olympics, The Twilight Zone and many other shows (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Promos VOLUME 2
Hollywood Palace, The Rifleman, Wyatt Earp and many other shows (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Promos VOLUME 3
'Coming up next week...!' Beany & Cecile, The Millionaire, The Twilight Zone and many other shows (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Teen
Clearasil, Coppertone, Twister and many others (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Toys
Your favorite toys of the 1950s and 1960s. Includes GI Joe, Barbie, Slinky, Creepy Crawlers, Etch a Sketch, Silly Putty, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Major Matt Mason, V-Rrrooom, Mystery Date ('will he be a dream...or a dud') and pleanty of Remco toys.

Classic Commercials - Various VOLUME 1
Bendix, Chevy, Crosly, Texaco, etc. (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Various VOLUME 2
Cover Girl, Dial, Record-Matic, TV Guide, etc. (one hour).

Classic Commercials - Various VOLUME 3
Dog 'n' Suds, Pringles, Shakey's Pizza, etc. (one hour).

Hour-long dramatic anthology that aired 1954-58 on CBS.
'Casino Royale.' James Bond's first screen appearance is this rare live presentation from October 21, 1954. Starring Barry Nelson as 007, with beautiful Linda Christian and Peter Lorre as the arch villian Le Chiffre (one hour).

'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' with John Carradine and Thomas Mitchell (one hour).

'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' with Michael Rennie and Cedric Hardwicke (one hour).

'Night of Execution' with Vincent Price, Nina Foch and Dick Foran (one hour).

'The Fifth Wheel' with Peter Lorre, Bonita Granville and James Gleason (one hour).

'The Lou Gehrig Story' with Wendell Cory, Jean Hagen and Harry Carey, Jr. (one hour).

'A Promise to Murder' with Peter Lorre, Louis Hayward and Ann Harding (one hour).

'Public Pigeon Number One' with Red Skelton and Ann Rutherford (one hour).

'Strange Sanctuary' with Michael Rennie, Cesar Romero and Rita Moreno (one hour).

'The Wild Stallion' with Paul Henreid, Mary Astor and Evelyn Keyes (one hour).

'Four Hours in White' with Steve McQueen and Dan Duryea (one hour).

Club Oasis VOLUME 1
Comic bandleader Spike Jones hosted this 1957-58 variety series. Each tape contains two complete episodes.

Club Oasis VOLUME 2
Two complete episodes.

Club Oasis VOLUME 3
Two complete episodes.

The Colgate Comedy Hour
Sunday night variety program that aired 1950-55 on NBC.
Cole Porter's 'Anything Goes' with Frank Sinatra, Ethel Merman and Bert Lahr.

The Colgate Comedy Hour
Host Eddie Cantor with guests Frank Sinatra and Eddie Fisher.

The Colgate Comedy Hour
Featuring Nat King Cole, Spike Jones and Bobby Van.

The Colgate Comedy Hour
Featuring Eddie Fisher, Peggy Lee and Louis Armstrong.

The Colgate Comedy Hour
Featuring Sammy Davis, Jr., Gene Sheldon and The Gaylords.

The Colgate Comedy Hour
With Bob Hope, Marilyn Maxwell and Les Brown and his orchestra.

The Colgate Comedy Hour
Hosts Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with guest Margaret Dumont.

see also 'Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour'

Colonel March of Scotland Yard / Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Boris Karloff / 'Case of the Cunningham Heritage' with Reginald Howard

Colt .45
'Sign in the Sand' and 'The Gypsies'

Colt .45 / Wanted Dead or Alive
'Yellow Fever' with Wayde Preston / 'The Montana Kid' with Steve McQueen

Colt .45 / Bat Masterson
"Mister Four Paws' / 'Rebellion'

Popular 1962-67 WWII series featruring Vic Morrow and Rick Jason. 'A Little Jazz' with guest stars Dan Duryea, Noah Beery, Jr. and Dennis Hopper.

'The Partisan' with guest stars Robert Duvall and Claudine Longet.

'Beneath the Ashes' with guest star Chad Everett.

The Country Music Jamboree
Featuring Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow and many others (one hour).

The Country Show
Featuring Jim Reeves, Faron Young, Marty Robbins, Ray Price and others.

Country Western All-Stars
Featuring Carl Smith, Sons of the Pioneers, Jim Reeves, Tex Ritter and Faron Young (one hour).

Court Martial
Peter Graves and Bradford Dillman starred in this top-notch WWII drama. The series chronicled the exploits of the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General and was originally aired in 1966.
'Achilles Heel' (one hour).

Court Martial
'The Dogs of War' (one hour).

Court Martial
'The House Where He Lived' (one hour).

Court Martial
'The Liberators' (one hour).

Court Martial
'The Logistics of Survival' (one hour).

Court Martial
'Retreat from Life' with Mark Lester (one hour).

Court Martial
'Taps for the Sergeant' (one hour).

The Court of Last Resort VOLUME 1
This 1957-58 series presented half-hour dramatizations of the real-life Court of Last Resort, a group of legal experts dedicated to help those who had been unjustly accused of crimes.
'The Clarence Redding Case' and 'The John Smith Case.'

The Court of Last Resort VOLUME 2
'The Mary Morales Case' and 'The Jim Thompson Case.'

The Court of Last Resort VOLUME 3
'The James Dawson Case' and 'The Jacob Loveless Case.'

The Court of Last Resort VOLUME 4
'The George Zacocho Case' and 'The Conrad Murray Case.'

The Court of Last Resort VOLUME 5
'The Karl Hooft Case' and 'The Stephen Lowell Case.'

The Crusader
Brian Keith starred as an investigative journalist who fought the enemies of freedom and justice in this 1955-56 crime drama.
'Rookie Cop' with Edward Platt and a second complete episode with Carl Betz and Don Haggerty.

The Dakotas
1963 western series starring Larry Ward as a U.S. Marshall in the Dakota Territory, with Chad Everett, Mike Greene and Jack Elam as his deputies.
'Reformation at Big Nose Butte' with guest stars Telly Savalas and DeForest Kelley.

The Dakotas
'A Nice Girl from Goliath' (one hour).

The Dakotas
'Sanctuary at Crystal Springs' (one hour).

The Dakotas
'Mutiny at Ft. Mercy' (one hour).

The Dakotas
'Red Sky Over Bismark' (one hour).

The Dakotas
'One Day in Vermillion' (one hour).

The Dakotas
'Crisis at High Banjo' (one hour).

The Dakotas
'Return to Dry Creek' (one hour).

The Dakotas
'A Walk Through the Badlands' (one hour).

A live 'film noir' series directed by Sidney Lumet - featuring the best in psychological drama. Three episodes: 'The Lady on the Rock,' 'Death Among the Relics' and 'The System' starring Eli Wallach and Kim Stanley.

Dangerous Assignment VOLUME 1
Brian Donlevy stars as government agent Steve Mitchell - a part he originated on radio - in this 1952 adventure series.
'Bloodstained Feather' plus 'Briefcase Story' with Lyle Talbot.

Dangerous Assignment VOLUME 2
'Lagoon Story' plus 'Art Treasures' with Adele Jurgens.

The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood
Liza Minnelli, Cyril Ritchard and Vic Dammone starred in this ABC special - originally aired November 28, 1965.

Dateline Europe (Foreign Intrigue)
Half hour adventure series filmed in Europe and originally aired 1951-55. Starring Jerome Thor and Sydna Scott as reporters for the Consolidated News.
'The New Regime' and 'The Hostage.'

Date with the Angels
Betty White and Bill Williams star in this 1957-58 comedy series.
'Tree on the Parkway' and 'Return of the Wheel.'

Date with the Angels
'Diana' and 'Francis Goes to School.'

Date with the Angels
'Wheeler at the Cabin' and 'The Burglar.'

Date with the Angels
'Double Trouble' and 'High Fever.'

Date with the Angels
'A Day at the Races' and 'Silverstone.'

Dave Garroway's Wide Wide World
Western special shot at Gene Autry's Melody Ranch. Featuring John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Clayton Moore, John Ford and many others (75 minutes).

Deadly Harvest (1976)
A farmer struggles to hold his life and family together during the worst drought in Earth's history. Starring Clint Walker, Kim Cattrall and Nehemiah Persoff.

Dear Phoebe
Peter Lawford starred in this 1954-55 sitcom about a psychology professor who writes an advice-to-the-lovelorn column under the name Phoebe Goodheart.
Also on this tape: Professional Father starring Steve Dunne as a child psychologist who can't seem to raise his own kids. Also starring Barbara Billingsly, Phyllis Coates ('Lois Lane') and Arthur Q. Bryan ('Doc Gamble,' 'Elmer Fudd').

Death at Love House (1976)
TV horrors with Robert Wagner, Kate Jackson, Slyvia Sidney, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Lamour, Marianna Hill and John Carradine.

The Death of Richie (1977)
Classic TV movie about a teen with drug problems. Starring Robby Benson and Ben Gazzara. Based on the book by Tommy Thompson.

Death Sentence (1974) a.k.a. Murder One
Starring Nick Nolte, Cloris Leachman, William Schallert, Herb Voland, Meg Wyllie and Laurence Luckinbill.

The Death Squad (1974)
A detective learns that criminals are being killed by renegade police officers who believe the courts are being too lenient. Starring Robert Forster, Michelle Phillips, Claude Akins, Melvyn Douglas and Kenneth Tobey.

Death Valley Days
Hosted by the Old Ranger (Stanley Andrews).
'Dear Teacher' and 'Sego Lillies.'

The Decathlon
History of the Olympic event (one hour).

a.k.a. Policewoman Decoy - Police action series (the first featuring a female cop) with Beverly Garland as NYC police woman Casey Jones. Originally aired in 1957.
'High Swing' with guest star Albert Dekker plus 'Across the World' with guest star Frank Silvera.

'First Arrest' and 'Gentleman Gunman.'

The Defenders
Starring E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed.
'Madman' (Part One) with guest stars Sylvia Sidney and Don Gordon.

The Defenders
Starring E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed.
'Madman' (Part Two) with guest stars Sylvia Sidney and Don Gordon.

Decoy / Racket Squad
'Night Light' / 'Serenade for a Sucker'

The Dennis O'Keefe Show VOLUME 1
Situation comedy from the 1959-60 season featuring Dennis O'Keefe as news columnist Hal Towne (his colum is called 'All About Towne') - a widower raising his his young son (Rickey Kelman) in NYC with the help of his stern housekeeper Amelia 'Sarge' Sargent (Hope Emerson).
'Go Home Aunt Millie' and 'Wedding Anyone?'

The Dennis O'Keefe Show VOLUME 2
'Send This Boy to Camp' and 'Cypress Grade School.'

The Dennis O'Keefe Show VOLUME 3
'On Stage Sarge' and 'Moon Man.'

The Dennis O'Keefe Show VOLUME 4
'It's Only Money' and 'Courtship of Hal.'

The Deputy
Western adventure starring Henry Fonda. Set in Silver City, Arizona during the 1880's. Also with Allen Case, Betty Lou Keim and Wallace Ford.
'Hard Decision' and 'Return Of Widow Brown.'

Desilu Playhouse ('The Time Element')
An hour-long dramatic anthology produced by Desilu Studios and broadcast from 1958-60. This tape features Rod Serling's 'The Time Element' with Martin Balsam and William Bendix. Also with Darryl Hickman and Jesse White - and look for Joe De Rita in a small role.

Desilu Revue
1959 Special with Lucy, Desi, Viv Bill, Ann Sothern and Lassie.

Descendants ('Tolstoy')
An hour-long British series featuring biographical documentaries. This installment explores the family life of legendary Russian writer Leon Tolstoy.

Destination Nightmare a.k.a. The Veil
Four tales of horror with star and host Boris Karloff.

The Detectives
'The Trap' and 'One Lucky Break' (90 min. total).

The Detectives
'Bad Eye of Rosarita' and 'The Long Drive.'

The Detectives
'Cop on Trial' and 'Big Poison.'

The Detectives
'Kinfolk' and 'The Long Shot.'

The Detectives / Shannon
'The Prowler' / 'End of the Line'

The Detectives / Craig Kennedy, Criminologist
Robert Taylor / (1950) Donald Woods

The Dick Powell Show
Dramatic anthology aired 1961-63.
'The Prison' with Charles Boyer and Theodore Bikel (one hour).

Dick Powell Theatre
Thunder in a Forgotten Town - hosted by Steve McQueen and starting Jackie Cooper, Susan Oliver, David Janssen, Edie Adams, Milton Bede, Joey Bishop, Pat O'Brien, Gary Crosby and Jackie Coogan (approx. one hour).

Dick Tracy
(1950-51) Exploits of the famous detective starring Ralph Byrd, who had also played the role in a series of films (see the Crime Page).
'Dick Tracy Meets Flattop' plus 'Dick Tracy vs. Heels Beels.'

Dick Tracy
'Hi-Jack' and 'The Mole.'

Dick Tracy
'Dick Tracy vs. Foreign Agents' (special 2 part episode).

Dick Tracy
'Shakey's Secret Treaure' and 'A Dick Tracy Sampler' (highlights).

Dick Tracy and more
Original 1967 pilot film from William ('Batman') Dozier. Featuring guest villian Victor Buono and a cool theme song performed by the Ventures. Also on this tape: The original pilot film introducing Batgirl (see that title above).

The Disappearance of Flight 412 (1974)
A jet vanishes while chasing a UFO, and the subsequent investigation reveals a huge conspiricy to cover up the event. Starring Glenn Ford, Bradford Dillman, Guy Stockwell, Greg Mullavey and David Soul.

Divorce His, Divorce Hers (1973)
Story of a marriage in trouble, as seen through the eyes of both participants. Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

The Dom DeLuise Show
Hour-long 1968 summer replacement for The Jackie Gleason Show featuring funnyman Dom DeLuise, with Carol Arthur, Marian Mercer, Bill McCutheon, Paul Dooley, B.S. Pulley, the Gentry Brothers, Dick Lynn, the June Taylor Dancers and the Sammy Spear Orchestra.

Do You Trust Your Wife
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy host two 1956 episodes of the hit game show (later retitled 'Who Do You Trust').

Dragnet VOLUME 1
Jack Webb stars in the original (1951-59) TV incarnation of the classic cop show.
'The Big Girl' with Caroline Jones and 'The Big Boys' with Leonard Nimoy

Dragnet VOLUME 2
'The Big Bird' and 'The Big Trunk.'

Dragnet VOLUME 3
'The Big Shoplift' and 'The Big Hit and Run.'

Dragnet VOLUME 4
'Big Betty' and 'The Big Counterfeit.'

Dragnet VOLUME 5
'The Big 17' (dope story) and 'The Big Producer' (pornography story) with Martin Milner and Caroline Jones. Includes an ad for the 1954 Dragnet feature film from Warner Brothers.

Dragnet VOLUME 6
'The Big Score' and 'The Big Crackdown.'

see also 'Badge 714'

Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal
John Howard starred as a widowed surgeon in this 1955-57 half hour medical drama. Also with Jack ('Maverick') Kelly and Olive Blackney.
'O.R. Means Surgery' and 'Hospital Melodrama.'

Duffy's Tavern
Ed Gardner brought his hilarious radio series to television in 1954. He played Archie, manager of a seedy NYC bar ('where the elite meet to eat') owned by the never-seen Duffy. Also starring Pattee Chapman and Alan Reed (later the voice of Fred Flintstone). Two complete episodes.

Duffy's Tavern / Meet the O'Briens
'Archie Gets Engaged' / 'Dave O'Brien'

DuPont Show of the Month
'Treasure Island' (1960) starring Boris Karloff and Hugh Griffith. As originally aired on the Dumont network.

Easter Teleparade of Stars
Featuring Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Liberace, Van Johnson and Ruth Hussey (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 1
1963 British series hosted by famed writer Edgar Wallace.
'Partners in Crime' with Bernard Lee and Jordan Van Eyssen (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 2
'Backfire' with Alfred Burke and Zena Marshall (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 3
'The Malpas Mystery' with Maureen Swanson and Alan Cuthbertson (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 4
'To Have and To Hold' with Ray Barrett and Katherine Blair (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 5
'Marriage of Convenience' with John Cairney and Harry Corbett (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 6
'Return to Sender' with Nigel Davenport and Yvonne Roman (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 7
'Crossroads to Crime' with Arthur Rigby and Miriam Karlin (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 8
'The Man Who Has Nobody' with Hazel Court and John Crawford (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 9
'The Death Trap' with Barbara Shelly (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 10
'Locker 69' with Eddie Byrne and Paul Daneman (one hour).

Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre VOLUME 11
'On the Run' with Sarah Lawson (one hour).

The Edsel Show
1957 variety program featuring Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra (one hour).

The Ed Sullivan Show
Columnist Ed Sullivan hosted this program (originally 'Toast of the Town') - TV's longest running (1948-1971) variety show.
Featuring Jayne Mansfield, Jack Webb and The Ink Spots (one hour).

The Ed Sullivan Show
Featuring Harpo Marx, Dick Haymes and Allen & Rossi (one hour).

Ed Sullivan Show
Featuring Gene Autry and his horse Champion.

Ed Sullivan Show
Featuring Sid Caesar, Sophie Tucker and Gary Lewis & the Playboys (originally aired 12/6/64).

Ed Sullivan Show
A special salute to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

see also 'Toast of the Town'

The Ed Wynn Show
Comic Ed Wynn's 1949-50 program was the first Hollywood-based variety show on NBC.
Two complete programs. Guests include Buster Keaton and Elsa Lanchester.

The Ed Wynn Show
Two complete programs. Guests include The Three Stooges and Victor Moore.

The Ed Wynn Show / The Hank McCune Show
Wynn's 1958 Pilot / 1950 episode of Hank's show.

The Ed Wynn Show / The Alan Young Show
First program (9/22/49)

The Ed Wynn Show / The Beula Show
Buddy Ebsen, Hattie McDaniel / Ethel Waters, Dooley Wilson

87th Precinct
1961-2 cop show starring Robert Lansing, Ron Harper, Norman Fell, Gregory Walcott (here's your chance to see him in something besides 'Plan Nine') and Gena Rowlands (as a deaf-mute).
'The Floater' with guest star Robert Culp (one hour).

87th Precinct
'Lady in Waiting' with guest star Constance Ford (one hour).

87th Precinct
'Occupation, Citizen' with guest star Ross Martin (one hour).

87th Precinct
'Killer's Payoff' with guest star Beverly Garland (one hour).

11th Annual Emmy Awards
With Jack Benny, Shirley Temple, James Arness, Fred Astaire, Ed Sullivan, Richard Nixon and many others (one hour).

Errol Flynn Theatre
'Strange Auction' and 'The Sealed Room.' Two complete shows from the 1957 series - featuring Errol Flynn, Sean Flynn, Pat Wymore and Glynis Johns.

Errol Flynn Theatre
'Wife of the Czar' (1957) and 'The Golden Shanty' (1959).

Errol Flynn Theatre / Man in the Iron Mask
'The Deul' starring Errol Flynn / 'The Sword Strikes' with Carl Esmond

The Falcon
Charles McGraw starred as agent Mike Waring in this 1955 espionage show.
'Backlash' with Laura Mason and Douglas Kennedy ('The Amazing Transparent Man') plus 'Kiss Me Not' with John Dehner and Herb Vigran.

Father Payton's TV Theatre
'Hill Number One' (1951) starring James Dean, Ruth Hussey, Joan Leslie, Gene Lockhart, Jeanne Cagney, Leif Erickson, Regis Toomey and Roddy McDowell (one hour).

The Fat Man
'The 32 Friends of Gina Lardelli' starring Robert Middleton (one hour) from 1968.

Federal Men (Treasury Men in Action)
Half-hour crime series (1950-55) that chronicled the exploits of agents for the U.S. Treasury Department. Starring Walter Greaza.
'Iron Curtain' and 'Black Sleep.'

Federal Men
'Princely Pauper' and 'Bad Bargain.'

Federal Men
'Elder Brother' and 'Broken Bond.'

Federal Men
'Case of the Man Outside' and 'Case of the Tarnished Lady.'

Federal Men
'case of the Lonely People' with Skip Homeier and Francis Rafferty / 'Case of the Deadly Dilemma' with Charles Bronson

(From the) Files of Jeffrey Jones
A half-hour crime drama featuring Don Haggerty as the title character - a tough, NYC private eye. The syndicated series originally ran in 1954.
'Pigeon Hunt' with Lyle Talbot, Tris Coffin and Henry Kulky plus 'Skidrow Serenade' with Pat Gleason and Gloria Henry.

Firehouse (1972)
TV movie set in the world of firefighters. Starring Richard Roundtree, Vince Edwards, Andrew Duggan, Paul LeMat and Richard Jaeckel. Later a series.

Flash Gordon
This 1957 syndicated series (produced in Germany) starred Steve Holland as the famous sci-fi adventurer. With Irene Champlin as Dale Arden and Joe Nash as Dr. Zarkov.
'Planet of Death' and 'Saboteurs from Space.'

Flash Gordon
'Water World Menace' and 'The Earth's Core.'

Flash Gordon
'Witch of Neptune' and 'Deadline at Noon.'

Flash Gordon
'Saboteurs from Space' and 'The Brain Machine.'

Flash Gordon
'Planet of Death' and Race Against Time.'

Flash Gordon
'Saboteurs from Space' and 'Deadline at Noon.'

Flash Gordon
'Planet of Death' and 'Struggle to the End.'

Flash Gordon
'Akim the Terrible' and 'Lure of Light.'

The Flying Doctor / Janet Dean, Registered Nurse
(1959) Richard Denning and Jill Adams / (1954) Ella Raines and Sal Mineo

Follow the Sun
Hour-long 1961-62 adventure series set in Hawaii and starring Barry Coe, Brett Halsey and Gary Lockwood.
'The Dumbest Blonde' with guest stars Jayne Mansfield and Brian Keith.

Ford Star Jubilee
Lavish series of monthly specials aired on CBS during the 1955-56 season.
'Together with Music' featuring Noel Coward and Mary Martin (one hour).

Ford Star Jubilee
'The Caine Mutiny Court Martial' starring Lloyd Nolan, Barry Sullivan and Frank Lovejoy (one hour).

Ford Star Jubilee
A salute to Cole Porter featuring Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones (one hour).

Ford Theatre
Dramatic anthology that ran 1948-57.
'A Measure of Faith' starring Lee Van Cleef, Lew Ayres and Beverly Garland (one hour).

Ford Theatre
'The House Always Wins' starring Dick Powell (and a cameo by Jack Benny plus 'The Left Fist of David' starring Vincent Price and Peter Lorre (one hour).

Ford Theatre
'Award' starring Ida Lupino and 'Margin for Fear' starring Broderick Crawford (one hour).

Foreign Legionnaire VOLUME 1
(Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion)
Buster Crabbe starred as commander of the North African French Foreign Legion in this 1955-57 syndicated adventure series. Co-starring Cullen Crabbe (his real-life son) and Al 'Fuzzy' Knight.
'Dr. Legionnaire' and 'The Search.'

Foreign Legionnaire VOLUME 2
'Rescue' plus 'V.I.P.'

Foreign Legionnaire VOLUME 3
'Revenge' plus 'The Camel Race'

Foreign Legionnaire VOLUME 4
'The Boy Who Found Christmas' plus 'The Gift'

For Love or Money
Unsold pilot featuring Bob Hope, Janet Leigh and Eddie Mayhoff.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 1
Highly regarded half hour dramatic anthology that aired 1952-56.
'The Test' with Dick Powell plus 'Interlude' with Joanne Woodward.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 2
'The Last Silk Hat' with Ronald Colman plus 'Welcome Home' with Dick Powell.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 3
'The Listener' with Ida Lupino plus 'The Devil to Pay' with Charles Boyer.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 4
'Vote of Confidence' with David Niven plus 'Tusitala' with David Niven.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 5
'Girl on the Bridge' with Dick Powell plus 'The Gift' with Charles Boyer.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 6
'Shadowed' with Dick Powell plus 'The Gun' with Dick Powell.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 7
'Girl on the Park Bench' with Joan Fontaine plus 'A Place of His Own' with Charles Boyer.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 8
'The Adolescent' with Ida Lupino plus 'The Bomb' with David Niven.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 9
'The Bad Break' with Charles Boyer plus 'Touch and Go' with David Niven.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 10
'House for Sale' with Ida Lupino plus 'To Die at Midnight' with Dick Powell.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 11
'The Squeeze' with Dick Powell and Regis Toomey plus 'Detective's Holiday' with Dick Powell and Dick Foran.

Four Star Playhouse VOLUME 12
'High Stakes' with Dick Powell and Frances Bergen plus 'The Stacked Deck' with Dick Powell, Regis Toomey and Alan Mowbray.

Four Star Playhouse
'Witness' starring Dick Powell and Charles Bronson plus 'One Way Out' starring Ida Lupino.

Four Star Playhouse
'Watch the Sunset' starring Dick Powell and 'Trudy' starring Joan Fontaine.

Four Star Playhouse
'The Wallet' starring Charles Boyer plus 'Tusitalia' with David Niven as Robert Louis Stevenson.

Four Star Playhouse
'To Die at Midnight' starring Dick Powell and 'Full Circle' starring Joanne Woodward and David Niven.

Four Star Playhouse
'The Hard Way' plus 'The Squeeze.' Both shows star Dick Powell as Willy Dante, owner of a backroom gambling joint. They also feature Regis Toomey, Jack Elam, Richard Jaeckel and Elizabeth Frazer. Written by Blake Edwards and directed by Robert Aldrich (one hour).

Four Star Playhouse / Into the Night
'Man in the Cellar' starring Charles Boyer and 'The Eyes' starring Spencer Teakle.

Four Star Revue
1950-51 variety hour featuring Jack Carson, Hal March, Bob Sweeney and Jack Gilford.

Fractured Flickers
Vintage movie clips edited for maximum fun. Hosted by Hans Conreid. This tapes also includes 'The Stolen Jools' - a promotional film for the Will Rogers Institute featuring a galaxy of Hollywood stars, and 'Drug Store Follies' - a comedy short.

The Frances Langford-Don Ameche Show
Daytime variety hour (1951-52) hosted by the couple who gained fame as the battling Bickersons. With guest star Chester Morris.

The Frank Sinatra Show VOLUME 1
With special guest Dagmar.

The Frank Sinatra Show VOLUME 2
With special guests Ella Fitzgerald, Juliet Prowse, The Hi-Los and Peter Lawford. Includes original Timex commercials.

The Frank Sinatra Show VOLUME 3
With special guests Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Mitzi Gaynor.

The Frank Sinatra Show VOLUME 4
Frank welcomes Elvis Presley back from his tour in the U.S. Army. Guests include Sammy Davis, Jr., Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford and Nancy Sinatra. Includes original Timex commercials.

The Frank Sinatra Show VOLUME 5
With special guests Lena Horne and Juliet Prowse.

The Frank Sinatra Show VOLUME 6
With special guest Jack Benny.

The Frank Sinatra Show VOLUME 7
With special guest Jackie Gleason.

Frontier Circus
Western series set in the world of the big top. Starring Chill Wills, John Derek and Richard Jaeckel.
'Lippizan' (one hour).

Frontier Doctor
Rex Allen starred as Dr. Bill Baxter in this 1958 western series. Set in the old Arizona Territory.
'Gringo Pete' plus 'The Homesteaders.'

Frontier Doctor
'Mysterious Black Stallion' plus 'The San Francisco Story.'

Front Page Detective / Big Town
'Murder Can't Win' with Lyle Talbot / With Mark Stevens

Front Row Center
1955-56 dramatic anthology produced and directed by Fletcher ('Jigsaw') Markle.
'Tender is the Night' with Mercedes McCambridge and James Daly (one hour).

'The Tornado' and 'Man Killer.'

The Fugitive
'Stranger in the Mirror' with guest star William Shatner (one hour) with original commercials.

Fury / Casey Jones
First episodes of both shows (Peter Graves and Alan Hale, Jr.).

The Gabby Hayes Show
Half hour western adventure series featuring Gabby and his pals. Twelve volumes available.

The Gabby Hayes Show
Half hour western adventure series featuring Gabby and his pals.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 1
With guest stars Buster Crabbe, Lash LaRue and Fuzzy St. John.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 2
With guest stars Bob Steele, Kermit Maynard and Syd Saylor.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 3
With guest stars Lash LaRue and Eddie Dean.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 4
With guest stars Buster Crabbe and Fuzzy St. John.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 5
With guest stars Eddie Dean, Tex Ritter and Dave O'Brien.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 6
With guest stars Buster Crabbe, Fuzzy St. John and Eddie Dean.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 7
With guest stars Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien and Hoot Gibson.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 8
With guest stars Buster Crabbe, Bob Steele and Fuzzy St. John.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 9
With guest stars Buster Crabbe andFuzzy St. John.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 10
With guest stars Buster Crabbe, Hoot Gibson and Fuzzy St. John.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 11
With guest stars Lash LaRue, Tex Ritter and Dave O'Brien.

The Gabby Hayes Show VOLUME 12
With guest stars Tex Ritter Dave O'Brien.

The Gallant Men
Great WWII adventure show that aired 1962-63 on ABC. Starring William Reynolds, Robert McQueeney, Robert Ridgely, Eddie Fontaine, Richard X. Slattery and former prizefighter Roland LaStarza.

Pilot episode with William Windom - Directed by Robert Altman (one hour).

'Some Tears Fall Dry' with Gail Kobe (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'The Ninety-Eight Cent Man' (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'Lesson for a Lover' with Marianna Hill (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'And the End of Evil Things' (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'A Place to Die' with guest star Michael Parks (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'The Crucible' with guest star Ed Nelson (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'Fury in a Quiet Village' with guest star Malachi Throne (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'Signals for an End Run' with guest stars Mala Powers and Eduardo Ciannelli (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'To Hold Up a Mirror' with guest star Karl Held (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'Tommy' with guest stars Dorothy Provine, George O'Hanlon and Francine York (one hour). Includes original commercials.

The Gallant Men
'The Dogs of War' with guest stars Dianne Foster and Guy Stockwell (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'The Bridge' with guest star Peter Brown (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'The Leathernecks' with guest stars Van Williams and Phillip Carey (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'Next of Kin' with guest star Stanley Adams (one hour).

The Gallant Men
'The Warriors' with guest stars James Doohan and James Best (one hour).

Phillips H. Lord's long running radio series comes to TV in the early 1950's. 'O'Dell Griffith' and 'The Red Dress' with Tom Neal and Ann Savage from 'Detour' !

Gangbusters / Star Performance
'Durable Mike Malloy' / 'The Gun' - Dick Powell plays a detective whose pistol is stolen from his home. His search turns frantic when he realizes that several of the people who visited the house recently have reasons for wanting a gun.

Garrison's Gorillas
Unaired pilot for the 1967-68 WWII drama. Inspired by the hit movie 'The Dirty Dozen' and starring Ron Harper, Brendan Boone, Christopher Gary, Rudy Solari and Cesare Danova. Special guest star Telly Savalas (one hour).

The George Gobel Show
1950s comedy-variety program hosted by the popular comedian. Featuring guest star Jeffrey Hunter (one hour).

G.E. Theatre
Long-running (1953-62) dramatic anthology on CBS. Ronald Reagan hosts two programs: 'Outpost at Home' and 'Gentleman Jim.'

G.E. Theatre
'It Gives Me Great Pleasure' with Myrna Loy and Robert Preston and 'Sam' with Charles Coburn.

G.E. Theatre / PepsiCola Playhouse
Salute to America with Fred Waring and Jo Stafford. Host: Ronald Reagan.

G.E. Theatre / Four Star Playhouse
'I'm a Fool' (1954) starring James Dean, Natalie Wood, Eddie Albert - Hosted by Ronald Reagan / 'The Wild Bunch' (1954) starring Charles Boyer and Natalie Wood

The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped (1974)
A country girl comes to the big city and gives herself to a handsome bachelor as a birthday present. Starring bikini-clad Karen Valentine, Farrah Fawcett, Richard Long and Tom Bosley.

Give My Regards to Broadway
1959 special with Jimmy Durante, Jane Powell and Ray Bolger.

Going My Way
Starring Gene Kelly as Father Charles O'Mally. Also featuring Leo G. Carroll and Dick York.
'Florence, Come Home' (approx. one hour).

The Goldbergs
Popular 1949-55 series starring Gertrude Berg. This tape contains 'The Singer' and an untitled 1955 episode.

The Golden Griffin
Starring Willaim Andrews and Mischa Auer.
'The Arrival of Sir Gavin' and 'The Dungeons of Languedoc.'

Goodyear Jazz Concert VOLUME 1
Featuring Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington (one hour).

Goodyear Jazz Concert VOLUME 2
Featuring Eddie Condon and Bobby Hackett.

Goodyear TV Playhouse
'Marty' - Paddy Chaayefsky's award-winning 1953 drama of about the lonely life of a middle-aged Bronx butcher. One of television's greatest productions (later an acclaimed film). Starring Rod Steiger and Nancy Marchand, produced by Phil Coe and directed by Delbert Mann (one hour).

The Great Gildersleeve / My Favorite Husband
Willard Waterman / Barry Nelson and Vanessa Brown

Great Hollywood Memories VOLUME 1
'The Golden Years.' History of the motion picture from the turn of the century to the coming of sound. Hosted by Gene Kelly (one hour).

Great Hollywood Memories VOLUME 2
'The Fabulous Era.' History of the motion picture from the early talkies through the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Hosted by Henry Fonda (one hour).

Great Hollywood Memories VOLUME 3
'The Great Hollywood Stars.' Hosted by Henry Fonda (one hour).

The Green Hornet
'The Silent Gun' - pilot for the classic 1966-67 action show. Starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee. Also on this tape: Captain Midnight

The Green Hornet
'Programmed for Death' and 'The Silent Gun.'

The Green Hornet
'The Frog is a Deadly Weapon' with Victor Jory and 'Give 'Em Enough Rope.'

The Green Hornet
'Beautiful Dreamer' parts one and two.

The Green Hornet
'Eat, Drink and Be Dead' and 'The Preying Mantis.'

The Green Hornet
'The Hunters and the Hunted' and 'Deadline for Death.'

The Green Hornet
'The Secret of the Sally Belle' and 'May the Best Man Lose.'

The Green Hornet
'Freeway to Death' with Jeffrey Hunter and 'Seek, Stalk and Destroy.'

The Green Hornet
'Corpse of the Year' parts one and two with Joanne Dru.

The Green Hornet
'The Hornet and the Firefly' and 'Ace in the Hole.'

The Green Hornet
'Bet on a 459-Silent' and 'Trouble for the Prince Charming.'

The Green Hornet
'Alias the Scarf' with John Carradine and 'Hornet, Save Thyself.'

The Green Hornet
'Invasion from Outer Space' parts one and two with Christopher Dark.

The Green Hornet
'Crime Wave' and 'The Ray is for Killing.'

Guilty Conscience (1985)
Starring Anthony Hopkins, Blythe Danner Swoosie Kurtz.

'Diehards' with Tony Young and Preston Foster.

Have Gun, Will Travel
Two complete episodes from the classic 1957-63 western series starring Richard Boone - 'Jonah' and 'The Savage Primitive.'

Have Gun, Will Travel
'The Return of Roy Carter' with Clu Gulager (written by Gene Roddenberry) plus 'The Fifth Man' with John Emery and Ben Wright.

Have Gun, Will Travel / Whirlybirds
'The Debutante' with Wayne Rogers and L.Q. Jones / 'Witnesses in Jeopardy'

Hawaiian Eye
1959-63 detective series set in Honolulu. Cast members included Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens.
'The Pretty People' (one hour).

Hawaiian Eye
'The Final Score' (one hour).

Hawaiian Eye
'A Taste for Money' (one hour).

Hawaiian Eye
'Lament for a Saturday Night Warrior' (one hour).

Hawaiian Eye
'The Sign-Off' (one hour).

Hawaiian Eye
'Nightmare in Paradise' (one hour).

Hawaiian Eye
'The Broken Thread' (one hour).

Hawaiian Eye
'Second Day of Infamy' (one hour).

Hawaiian Eye
'The Kahuna Curtain' with Shirley Knight, Chad Everett and Lyle Talbot (one hour).

Hawaiian Eye
'The Missile Rogues' with Joan Marshall, Jesse White and Warren Stevens (one hour).

Hawkeye VOLUME 1
1957 adventure series based on James Fenimore Cooper's book 'Last of the Mohicans.' Starring John Hart as Hawkeye - a trapper and scout - and Lon Chaney, Jr. as his Mohican friend Chingachgook. Produced in Canada. 'Winter Passage' and 'False Face.'

Hawkeye VOLUME 2
'The Printer' and 'The Threat.'

Heaven for Betsy
Jack Lemmon and his wife Cynthia Stone starred as newlyweds Pete and Betsy Bell in this 1952 situation comedy. Also on this tape: Jackson and Jill starring Todd Karns and Helen Chapman.

Highway Patrol
Legendary 1955-59 cop show starring Academy Award winner Broderick Crawford.
'Computer Kidnappers' and 'Hitch-Hiker Killer.'

Highway Patrol
'Cabin Killer' and 'Hired Hitman.'

Highway Patrol
'Bank Messenger' and 'Child Witness.'

Highway Patrol
'Detour Sign' and 'Escaped Convict' with Stuart Whitman.

Highway Patrol
'Escaped Con Ralph Neal' and 'Irv Desmond at Large.'

Highway Patrol
'Guilty Teenager' and 'Deadly Kidnappers.'

Highway Patrol / For the Defense
Broderick Crawford / Edward G. Robinson

Highway Patrol / M Squad
'Stolen C-Notes' with Broderick Crawford / 'The Golden Look' with Lee Marvin

Hollywood Off-Beat
Melvin Douglas starred as private eye Steve Randall - a former WWII intelligence agent in this 1952-53 detective series.
Also on this tape: Big Town starring Patrick McVey.

Hollywood Half Hour / Star and the Story
'Dream Job' with Vincent Price / 'The Blue Landscape' with Peter Lorre

Hollywood Jamboree Volume 1
Starring Glen Campbell, Gordon Terry and Don 'Red' Barry.

Hollywood Jamboree Volume 2
Starring Glen Campbell, Claude Gray and Sheb Wooley.

Hollywood Studio Playhouse / Hollywood Revue
'Street Floor Swing Shop' with Georgia Lee / Eddie LeRoy

Hong Kong
Rod Taylor starred as a journalist assigned to the Far East in this 1960-61 adventure series. Also with Jerald Jann and Jack Kruschen.
'Jade Empress' (one hour).

Howdy Doody
Bob Smith's legendary 1949-1960 kid's show.
'Corny Cobb Goes to Paris' and 'Howdy Doody's Christmas.'

Howdy Doody
Two complete episodes of the famous kids show.

Howdy Doody's Christmas / Christmas Cartoons
Includes 'Christmas Comes But Once a Year,' 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,' 'The Kids in a Shoe' and others.

Host: Dean Jones. With the Astronauts, the Young Folk, Leslie Uggams, Gene Pitney, Junior Walker and the All-Stars and Shani Wallis. One Hour.

Two half-hour shows.
Host: David McCallum (as the Man from U.N.C.L.E.'s Illya Kuriakin). With the Animals, the Beau Brummels, Brenda Lee and Peter and Gordon.
Host: Michael Landon. With the Byrds, Jackie DeShannon, David Winter, Chad and Jill (no Jeremy), Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Hustling (1975)
Hard-hitting expose on prostitution. Starring Lee Remick, Jill Clayburgh, Alex Rocco and Monte Markham.

If Tommorow Comes (1971)
A young girl (Patty Duke) falls in love with a Japanese American and the two are married on the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack. Also with Anne Baxter and James Whitmore.

I Led 3 Lives
'The fantastically true story of Herbert A. Philbrick, who for nine frightening years did lead three lives - average citizen, member of the Communist Party and counterspy for the F.B.I.' Richard Carlson stars as Philbrick in this 1953-56 syndicated series based on the national best-seller. Two complete episodes per tape.

I Led 3 Lives
'Corruption' plus 'Sabotage'

I Led 3 Lives
'Memory Man' plus 'Counter Agent'

I Led 3 Lives
'The Foiled Murder Plot' and 'The Old Man Wants Out.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Bike Shop Courier' and 'Drought' (color).

I Led 3 Lives
'Stolen Plutonium' and 'Comrade Marta.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Hidden Enemy' and 'Narcotics Ring.'

I Led 3 Lives
'The Littlest Spy,' 'Tactical Violence' and 'Forced to Move' (approx. 90 minutes).

I Led 3 Lives / Follow That Man (Man Against Crime)
'To Trap a Counterfeiter' with guest star Robert Clarke / 'Hot Furs' starring Ralph Bellamy with guest star Martin Balsam

I Led 3 Lives
'Communications' and 'The Unexpected Trip.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Strategic Material' and 'Relative.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Infiltration' and 'Assasination.'

I Led 3 Lives
'The Bomb' and 'The 5th Amendment.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Rest Home' (color) and 'Minority Control.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Comic Strip' and 'Mailing List' (color).

I Led 3 Lives
'Investments' (color) and 'The Son' (color).

I Led 3 Lives
'Vandalism' (color) and 'Revolt' (color).

I Led 3 Lives
'Boss #2' (color) and 'Lost Report' (color).

I Led 3 Lives
'Church' (color) and 'Comrade Eva' (color)

I Led 3 Lives
'Attack Area' and 'Sacrificed.'

I Led 3 Lives
'The Athlete' and 'The Lawyer.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Newsreel' and 'Stolen Passport.'

I Led 3 Lives
'The Exchange Student' and 'Prisoner.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Phoney Brother' and 'Mother-in-Law.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Central America' and 'Kidnap.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Hit and Run' and 'New Member.'

I Led 3 Lives
'Commie Photo' and 'Airman.'

I Married Joan
Popular 1952-55 comedy starring Joan Davis and Jim Backus.
'Memories' and 'Country Club.'

I Married Joan / Life With Elizabeth
Joan Davis / Betty White's 1953-54 comedy

I'm the Law / The Hunter
George Raft as Lt. George Kirby of the NYPD (1953) / Barry Nelson as secret agent Bart Adams (1952)

Inner Sanctum
Suspense show based on the classic radio series. 'This your host to welcome you in through the creaking door...'
'Dead Level' and 'Killer's Choice.'

The Invisible Man
The adventures of Dr. Peter Brady, a scientist whose experiments have left him invisible. The lead actor's identity was never revealed in this late 1950's British import.
'Point of Destruction' with guest star Patricia Jessell and 'Play to Kill.'

An Invitation to Paris
1960 ABC special featuring Maurice Chevalier (one hour).

Ivanhoe VOLUME 1
1958 British adventure series starring Roger Moore. Based on the famous novel by Sir Walter Scott.
'Freeing the Serfs' and 'Face to Face.'

Ivanhoe VOLUME 2
'Murder at the Inn' and 'Treasures from Cathay.'

Ivanhoe VOLUME 3
'Brothers in Arms' and 'Double Edged Sword.'

Ivanhoe VOLUME 4
'By Hook or Crook' and 'The Widow of Woodcote.'

Ivanhoe VOLUME 5
'The Princess' and 'Counterfeit.'

Ivanhoe VOLUME 6
'The Night Raiders' and 'Three Days to Worchester.'

The Jack Benny Program
Two classic shows featuring one of America's favorite comedians.
5/1/52 show with Bob Hope in a jungle sketch ('The Road to Nairobi') and the 1/25/59 show with Ernie Kovacs in a jailhouse sketch ('Blockhouse 90').

The Jack Benny Program
Featuring guest Marvin Miller in a 'Millionaire' spoof.
Also on this tape: Trouble with Father.

The Jack Benny Program
With guest star Jayne Mansfield and Jack's New Years show.

The Jack Benny Program
Last shows of the 1951 and 1953 seasons. Featuring George Burns, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.

The Jack Benny Program
Two complete programs. Guests include Kirk Douglas and Fred MacMurray.

The Jack Benny Program
Two complete programs. Guests include Julie London and Marilyn Monroe (her first TV appearance).

The Jack Benny Program
'Casting for a TV Special' plus Jayne Mansfield.

Jack Benny Visits Walt Disney
A one hour television classic.

The Jack Benny Program / You Bet Your Life
Hilarious 'Honeymooners' spoof with guest star Audrey Meadows. Jack plays Ralph Kramden and Dennis Day appears as Ed Norton. This tape also includes a classic episode of the famed Groucho Marx quiz show 'You Bet Your Life.'

The Jack Benny Program / Burns & Allen
Humphrey Bogart appears on Jack's program and on the Burns & Allen show.

The Jack Benny Program / The Dennis Day Show
With guest Bob Hope / 'Grandpa Day'

Jackie Gleason's American Scene Magazine
First program (1962). Featuring Art Carney, Frank Fontaine ('Crazy' Guggenheim) and a 'Honeymooners' sketch (one hour).

Jackie Gleason Show
A 1967 broadcast featuring Milton Berle, Vikki Carr and Frank Gorshin. Also with Sammy Spear and the June Taylor Dancers (one hour).

Jackie Gleason Show
A 1955 broadcast featuring Art Carney, Audrey Meadows and Joyce Randolph. Also with Georgie Jessell and the June Taylor Dancers (one hour) with original commercials

Jack Jones on the Move
An hour of song and comedy with Milton Berle, Tony Bennett, Joanie Summers and Molly Bee.

James Dean on TV VOLUME 1
'The Bells of Cockaingne' (1953) starring James Dean and Gene Lockhart. Also on this tape: 'Broadway Trust' starring Gene Lockhart and Lloyd Bridges.

James Dean on TV VOLUME 2
'Harvest' (1953) starring James Dean, Dorothy Gish and Ed Begley.

James Dean on TV VOLUME 3
'I'm a Fool' (1954) starring James Dean, Natalie Wood, Eddie Albert and Ronald Reagan. Also on this tape: 'The Wild Bunch' starring Natalie Wood and Charles Boyer.

James Dean on TV VOLUME 4
'A Long Time Till Dawn' (1953) starring James Dean and Naomi Riordan.

James Dean on TV VOLUME 5
'Hill Number One' (1951) starring James Dean, Ruth Hussey, Joan Leslie, Gene Lockhart, Jeanne Cagney, Leif Erickson, Regis Toomey and Roddy McDowell (one hour).

James Dean on TV VOLUME 6
'The James Dean Story.' Dean's biography - as presented after his death at age 24.

James Dean on TV Volume 7
'Abraham Lincoln' - also with John Drinkwater.

Jeff's Collie / Fractured Flickas
Tommy Rettig and Lassie / Hans Conreid

Western drama starring Guy Madison - originally screened in 1961 as part of Dick Powell's Zane Gray Theatre.
'A Rope for a Lady' with guest star Beverly Garland. One epsiode only, but it's a good one. Also featuring Allison Hayes, Claude Akins and John Hoyt.

Jet Jackson
Syndicated title for 'Captain Midnight' starring Richard Webb. This tape features 'Curse of the Pharaohs' and 'Counterfeit Millions.'

Jet Jackson
'Jungle Net' and 'Mountain of Fire.'

Jimmy Durante Show / Spike Jones Show
Jimmy's 1954-56 variety program / With Helen Grayco and The City Slickers

The Joe E. Brown Show / The Ben Blue Show
Two rare programs on one tape.

The Johnny Cash Show
A one hour program from 1969 featuring Johnny and his guests Creedence Clearwater Revival, Phil Harris, Bobbie Martin and Roy Orbison.

The Johnny Cash Show
A one hour program from 1969 featuring Johnny and his guests Joni Mitchell, Roy Clark, Ed Ames and the Monkees.

The Johnny Cash Show
A one hour program from 1969 featuring Johnny and his guests Linda Ronstadt, Bobby Bare, the Statler Brothers, Jose Feliciano, Mere Travis and Carl Perkins.

The Johnny Cash Show
A one hour program from 1970 featuring Johnny and his guests Marty Robbins, the Guess Who, the Statler Brothers, Peggy Lee and Tommy Cash.

Johnny Jupiter
Two complete episodes from the classic 1953-54 children's program. This show is an elaborate and imaginative production that puts today's kids programming to shame!

Johnny Midnight / Tightrope
'Schatzi' with Edmond O'Brien / 'Cracking Point' with Mike Connors

Johnny Staccato
1959-60 private eye show starring John Cassavetes as a jazz musician turned detective. Action packed with great music provided by Elmer Bernstein.
'Murder in Hi-Fi' and 'Viva, Paco!'

Johnny Staccato / Shannon
John Cassavetes / George Nader (1961)

Johnny Staccato / Man Behind the Badge
'Wild Reed' / 'The Prison Story'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 1
1958 series about the real life western jurist, known as 'the Law west of the Pecos.' Starring Edgar Buchanan in the title role, with Russell Hayden and Jeff Taggart. The show's setting is Langtry, Texas - so named because of Bean's infatuation with the famed actress of the day Lillie Langtry.
'Bad Medicine' and 'The Fugitive.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 2
'Spirit of the Law' and 'Gunman's Bargain.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 3
'Ah-Sid Cowboy' and 'Checkmate.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 4
'Kachina Doll' and 'The Travelers.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 5
'Black Jack' and 'Slightly Prodigal.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 6
'Lonnie Comes to Town' and 'The Hypnotist.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 7
'Lone Star Killer' and 'The Defense Rests.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 8
'Judge's Dilemma' and 'Murder in Langtry.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 9
'The Hidden Truth' and 'Desperate Journey.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 10
'Outlaws Son' and 'Horse Thief.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 11
'Sunburnt Gold' and 'The Lady Leaves Home.'

Judge Roy Bean VOLUME 12
'Family Ties' and 'The Runaway.'

Katherine (1975) a.k.a. The Radical
Fine drama tells the story of a young girl and how she came to be involved in radical politics of the 1960s. Starring Sissy Spacek and Art Carney.

Ken Murray Variety Hour
From CBS (1950-53) with guests Joe Besser, Mel Torme and Van Heflin.

Kraft Television Theatre
Rod Serling's award winning drama 'Patterns' starring Richard Kiley and Ed Begley (one hour).

Kraft Television Theatre
'A Long Time Till Dawn' (1953) starring James Dean and Naomi Riordan. Written by Rod Serling (one hour).

1959-63 western adventure series set in Wyoming. Starring John Smith and Robert Fuller.
'Fatal Step' (one hour).

'Mark of the Manhunter' with James Coburn (one hour).

'The Pass' (one hour).

Beloved animal drama featuring Robert Bray (as forest ranger Corey Stewart) and America's favorite collie.
'The Swamp Girl' and 'The Tinderbox.' Both 1965 episodes include original commercials.

Last of the Belles (1974)
F. Scott Fitzgerald biography starring Richard Chamberlain, Blythe Danner, Susan Sarandon and Brooke Adams.

John Russell (as Marshall Dan Troop), Peggie Castle and Peter Brown starred in this 1958-62 western drama.
'The Promoter' and 'The Prodigal Mother.'

'Get Out of Town' and 'No Contest.'

The Legend of the Lone Ranger
First three episodes of the classic western series starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

The Liberace Show VOLUME 1
Two complete 1950s programs featuring the master showman.

The Liberace Show VOLUME 2
Two complete 1950s programs including Liberace's Christmas show.

The Life of Riley
William Bendix and Marjorie Reynolds starred in this 1953-58 version of the hit blue-collar sitcom. 'Bab's Dream House' and 'Riley's Hamburger Stand.'

The Life of Riley GLEASON VOL. 1
Two complete episodes featuring Jackie Gleason as Riley.

The Life of Riley GLEASON VOL. 2
Two complete episodes featuring Jackie Gleason as Riley.

The Life of Riley / The Great Gildersleeve
Jackie Gleason / Willard Waterman.

Life with Luigi
The comic adventures of Italian immigrant Luigi Basco and his quest for American citizenship. This tape includes a 1952 show with J. Carroll Naish as Luigi and a 1953 show with Vito Scotti in the lead.

Lights Out
Stories of the supernatural - based on the classic radio series. Rare kinescopes of the original live broadcasts (1949-52).
'The Man with the Watch' plus 'Curtain Call' with Otto Kruger.

Lights Out
'Fanceville Curse' and 'Man with the Watch.'

Lock Up
Syndicated 1959 crime show starring MacDonald Carey and John Doucette.
'John Vandenburg' and 'Little Brother.'

The Lone Ranger
Classic western adventure series starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.
'Enter The Lone Ranger' and 'The Lone Ranger Fights' (first two episodes broadcast in 1949).

The Lone Ranger
'Cannonball McKay' and 'The Man Who Came Back.'

The Lone Ranger
'The Lone Ranger's Triumph' and 'The Legion Of Old Times.'

The Lone Ranger
'Rustlr's Hideout' and 'War House.'

The Lone Ranger
'Pete and Pedro' and 'The Renegades.'

The Lone Ranger
'Tenderfeet' and 'High Heels.'

The Lone Ranger
'Six-Gun's Legacy' and 'Return of the Convict.'

The Lone Ranger
'Finder's Keepers' and 'The Masked Rider.'

The Lone Ranger
'Old Joe's Sister' and 'Cannonball McKay.'

The Lone Ranger
'A Message From Abe' (rare color episode) and 'The Man Who Came Back.' Also includes original 1960s commercials for Pizza Rolls and Tootsie Rolls with The Lone Ranger.

The Lone Wolf (Streets of Danger)
Two complete episodes from the 1955 private eye series starring Louis Hayward.

see also 'Streets of Danger'

Love That Bob VOLUME 1
Bob Cummings stars as swinging bachelor photographer Bob Collns in this popular 1955-59 situation comedy. Also with Ann B. Davis, Dwayne Hickman, Rosemary DeCamp, King Donovan, Nancy Kulp and buxom Shirley Swanson.
'Grandpa's Christmas Visit' and 'Bob Gets Harvey a Raise.'

Love That Bob VOLUME 2
'Forgotten Fiancee' and 'Bob Goes Bird Watching.'

Love That Bob VOLUME 3
'Bob Becomes a Stage Uncle' and 'Bob Sails to Hawaii.'

Love That Bob VOLUME 4
'Bob Saves Harvey' and 'Bob Goes to the Moon.'

Love That Bob VOLUME 5
'Grandpa Attends a Convention' and 'Bob Retrenches.'

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
Hour-long off-shoot of 'I Love Lucy' that ran 1957-1960. Starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, William Frawley and Vivian Vance.
'Lucy Goes to Alaska' with Red Skelton.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Lucy Wins a Racehorse' with Betty Grable.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Lucy Makes Room for Danny' with Danny Thomas.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana' with Ann Sothern and Cesar Romero.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Lucy's Summer Vacation' with Howard Duff and Ida Lupino.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Lucy Goes to Mexico' with Maurice Chevalier.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Lucy Wants a Career' with Paul Douglas.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Lucy Hunts Uranium' with Fred MacMurray.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Mr. Berle Hides Out at Lucy's' with Milton Berle.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Celebrity Next Door' with Tallulah Bankhead.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
'Celebrity Next Door' with Gloria Swanson.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
The Ricardo's Go to Japan' with Bob Cummings.

The Lucy Show
Classic 1962-68 series starring Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance and Gale Gordon.
'Lucy's Barbershop Quartet' and 'Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower.'

The Lucy Show
'Lucy Meets John Wayne' and 'Lucy Gets Caught in the Draft.'

The Lucy Show
'Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account' and 'Lucy the Fight Manager' with Don Rickles.

The Lucy Show
'Main Street U.S.A.' with Mel Torme and John Bubbles plus 'Lucy Meets Sheldon Leonard.'

The Lucy Show
'Lucy Meets Pat Collins' and 'Little Old Lady' with Dennis Day.

Lum and Abner
A rare kinescope that shows the famous radio team in action during their brief try at television. Chet Lauck and Norris Goff star as proprietors of the Jot 'em Down Store in Pine Ridge, Arkansas. With Andy Devine, Zasu Pitts and Opie Cates. This 1949 half hour show features Abner as he tries to get out of work to go fishing.
Also on this tape: Vic 'n' Sade

Lux Video Theatre
'To Have and Have Not' (1957) starring Beverly Garland and Edmund O'Brien in the roles made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (one hour).

MacKenzie's Raiders
Richard Carlson ('I Led 3 Lives') starred as cavalry officer Ran MacKenzie in this 1958 western advenutre series.
'Border Plunder' and 'Dakota Smith.'

MAD Magazine TV Special
Extremely rare half-hour animated program (never aired) from 1974. Features The Automobile Manufacturer of the Year, Academy Awards for Parents, X-Ravings, The Oddfather, A Peek Behind the Scenes at a Hospital, Spy vs. Spy and more.

The Magician / Tales of Mystery
The Great Merlini and Jerome Thor / (Sebastian Cabot) 'The Transparent Man' and ' The Sandman'

Major Adams (Wagon Train)
'The Alexander Portlass Story' with Peter Lorre

Two complete episodes from the popular 1949-57 sitcom featuring Peggy Wood and Dick Van Patten.
'The Nursery' and 'Mama's Bad Boy.'

Mama / Molly (The Goldbergs)
Peggy Wood and Dick Van Patten (with Frank Sutton as a leather-jacketed hood) / Gertrude Berg

Man Against Crime
Episodes from the live 1956 detective series. Starring Frank Lovejoy as the hard-boiled private eye Mike Barnett.
Two complete episodes.

Man From Cochise
see U.S. Marshal

Man wth a Camera 1958-60 crime series starring Charles Bronson as photo-journalist Mike Kovac.
'Missing' 'String Of Pearls.'

The Many Adventures of Xavier Cugat in Spain
Featuring Robert Taylor, Imogene Coca, Broderick Crawford, Julie Newmar, Phil Silvers and Salvador Dali (one hour).

Markham VOLUME 1
This 1959-60 crime series starred Ray Milland as a combination private eye and lawyer. It was originally aired during the 1959-60 season.
'Woman of Arles' plus 'Incident in Belair.

Markham VOLUME 2
'Shape of Evil' plus 'Three Steps to Murder.'

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 1
Featuring Margaret Dumont and Mike Mazurski.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 2
Featuring Dorothy Dandridge and Danny Arnold.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 3
Featuring Rosemary Clooney and Danny Arnold.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 4
Featuring Polly Bergen and Bob Fosse.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 5
Featuring Jane Morgan.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 6
Featuring Helen O'Connell and Bob Fosse.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 7
Featuring Connie Russell, Ray Malone, Tony Martin, Joe Louis.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 8
Featuring Burt Lancaster and The Skylarks.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 9
Featuring The Modernaires and Franklin Pangborn.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 10
Featuring Dick Humphreys and The Treiners. (M&L celebrate their 8th Anniversary.)

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 11
Featuring Vera Miles and Milton Fromme.

Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour VOLUME 12
Featuring Jimmy Durante, George Raft, Tony Curtis (Ed Sullivan spoof).

Martin Kane, Private Eye
This 1949-54 detective series was adapted from the hit radio show. Two complete episodes starring William Gargan.

Masquerade Party
Long running game show where a panel of celebrities tried to guess the identity of a mystery guest who had been disguised with make-up. Hosted by Peter Donald and featuring panelists Mary Healy and Ogden Nash.
Also on this tape: Pantomime Quiz (Stump the Stars)
Charade playing guests include Vincent Price

The Master Ninja a.k.a. The Master 1984 martial arts series featuring Lee Van Cleef, Timothy Van Patten and Sho Kosugi.
'Max' with guest stars Demi Moore and Claude Akins. Approx. one hour.

The Master Ninja
'Out-of-Time-Step.' Approx. one hour.

The Master Ninja
'State of the Union' with guest stars Crystal Barnard and Cotter Smith. Approx. one hour.

The Master Ninja
'Hostage' with guest stars George Lazenby and David McCallum. Approx. one hour.

The Master Ninja
'High Rollers.' Approx. one hour.

The Master Ninja
'Fat Tuesday.' Approx. one hour.

The Master Ninja
'Juggernaut' with guest stars Stuart Whitman and Diana Muldaur. Approx. one hour.

The Master Ninja
'The Good, the Bad and the Priceless' with guest stars George Maharis and Janine Turner. Approx. one hour.

The Master Ninja
'Kuoichi' with guest stars William Campbell, Rick Hill and Kelly Harmon. Approx. one hour.

The Master Ninja
'The Java Tiger' with guest stars Kabir Bedi and Cynthia Cybert. Approx. one hour.

'Passage to Fort Doom' (one hour) with Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick. Also with Nancy Gates and Diane McBain.

'The Witch of Hound Dog'

'Thunder from the North'

'The Bold Fenian Men'

'Destination - Devil's Flat'

Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring (1971)
Touching drama about a woman (Sally Field) who leaves her family and gets involved in the counterculture. Also with Jackie Cooper and David Carradine. Songs performed by Linda Ronstadt.

A realistic, shot-on-film 1954-56 medical series featuring Richard Boone as Dr. Konrad Styner.
'Flash of Darkness' (famous nuclear blast episode) plus 'My Brother Joe' with guest star Charles Bronson.

'A Time to Be Alive' and 'Dr. Impossible' (physician addicted to cocaine).

'Breath of Life' and 'Break Through the Bars.'

'Till the Song is Done, Till the Dance is Gone' and 'Death is a Red Balloon.'

'Long Tomorrow' and 'The Storm.'

'The Field of Neurology' and 'With This Ring.'

Medic / The Star and the Story
'White is the Color' (pilot episode) and 'Reingold Theatre' with Zachary Scott.

Meet Corliss Archer
Classic 1954-55 teen sitcom starring Anne Baker, Bobby Ellis, John Eldridge and Mary Bain.
'Dexter the Director,' 'Dexter's Surprise Party.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Archer's Get a Maid' and 'Dexter Becomes a Man.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The New Neighbors' and 'Harry and the Soap Opera Queen.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Fortune Teller' and 'Harry the Dictator.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Harry the Photographer' and 'The Personality Test.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Boat Builders' and 'Miffy's Overnight House Painting.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Janet Goes to College' and 'How to Handle Women.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Pain in the Neck' and 'President of the Garden Club.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Harry Gives Advice' and 'Dexter Borrows Harry's Car.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Vase That Came to Dinner' and 'Corliss the Cheerleader.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Money Matters' and 'A Party for Corliss.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Dexter's Masquerade Costume' and 'The Male Ego.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The New Neighbors' and 'Harry and the Soap Opera Queen.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Fortune Teller' and 'Harry the Dictator.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Harry the Photographer' and 'The Personality Test.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Boat Builders' and 'Miffy's Overnight House Painting.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Janet Goes to College' and 'How to Handle Women.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Pain in the Neck' and 'President of the Garden Club.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Harry Gives Advice' and 'Dexter Borrows Harry's Car.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Vase That Came to Dinner' and 'Corliss the Cheerleader.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Money Matters' and 'A Party for Corliss.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Vase That Came to Dinner' and 'Corliss the Cheerleader.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Money Matters' and 'A Party to Corliss.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'The Personality Test' and 'Harry Gives Advice.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Dexter and the Car' and 'The Fortne Teller.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'Harry the Dictator' and 'A Pain in the Neck.'

Meet Corliss Archer
'President of the Garden Club' and 'The Boat Builders.'

Meet Marcel Marceau
One-man show featuring the world famous mime (one hour).

Meet the O'Briens / Let's Join Joanie
Dave O'Brien and Jeff Donnell / Joan Davis

Men Into Space
This classic 1959-60 sci-fi series was filmed in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense and depicted space travel in a fairly realistic manner. Starring William Lundigan as Colonel Ed McCauley.
'Handful of Hours' and 'Beyond the Stars.'

Men Into Space
'Is There Another Civilization?' with Joe Flynn and 'Shadows on the Moon.'

Men Into Space
'Flash in the Sky' and 'Lunar Secret.'

Men Into Space
'Edge of Eternity' and 'Moon Trap.'

Men Into Space
'Burn Up' and 'Quarantine.'

Men Into Space
'First Woman in Space' and 'Tankers in Space.'

Men Into Space
'Flare-Up' and 'The Sun Never Sets.'

Men Into Space
'Mysterious Satellite' and 'Flight to the Red Planet.'

Men Into Space
'Voice of Infinity' and 'From Another World.'

Men Into Space
'Emergency Mission' and 'Mission to Mars.'

Men Into Space
'Moon Probe' with Angie Dickensen and 'Moon Landing.'

Men Into Space
'Building a Space Station' and 'Christmas on the Moon.'

Men Into Space
'Contraband' with James Coburn and 'Dark of the Sun' with Carol Ohmart.

Men Into Space
'Dateline: Moon' with Lisa Gaye and 'Moon Cloud' with Robert Vaughn.

Men Into Space
'Water Tank Rescue' and 'Lost Missile' with Gavin McLeod and Jeremy Slate.

Men Into Space
'Moonquake' with Arthur Franz and 'Space Trap.'

Men Into Space
'Earthbound' with Robert Reed and 'Beyond the Stars' with James Best.

Michael Shayne, Detective
Hour-long 1960-61 private eye show starring Richard Denning and Jerry Paris.
'Murder and the Wanton Bride.'

Michael Shayne, Detective
'Murder in Wonderland' - watch for Mariana Hil in a small role (one hour).

Michael Shayne, Detective
'Murder Plays Charades' (one hour).

Michael Shayne, Detective
'Shoot the Works' (one hour).

Michael Shayne, Detective
'Final Settlement' (one hour).

Michael Shayne, Detective
'Murder On Biscayne Bay' with guest star Mona Freeman (one hour).

The Mickey Rooney Show / My Living Doll
'Sick Day Off' and 'The Witness.'

Mike Hammer
Starring Darren McGavin as Mickey Spillane's famous San Francisco private eye (1958).
'Husbands Are Bad Luck' with Allan Lane and 'Slay Upon Delivery.'

Mike Hammer
'A Detective Tale' with Carl Betz and 'Death Takes a Diploma.'

The Millionaire
Two complete epsiodes from the classic anthology show about an eccentric millionaire who had his employee Marvin Miller deliver anonymous $1 million checks to people he had never met. 'Millionaire Katherine Boland' stars Tuesday Weld as a young girl living under the thumb of her aunt (Agnes Moorehead). 'Millionaire Susan Johnson' stars John Ashley as a good-looking teenager whose girlfriend (Sherry Jackson) spends her million making him a rock'n'roll star. Includes original commercials.

The Millionaire
'Millionaire Eric Vincent' and 'Millionaire Gilbert Burton.

The Milton Berle Show
With guests Carol Channing and Peter Lawford (one hour).

The Milton Berle Show
With guests Vic Damone and Jackie Cooper (one hour).

The Milton Berle Show
With guests Ben Blue, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (one hour).

The Milton Berle Show
With guests Mickey Rooney and Nancy Walker (one hour).

The Milton Berle Show
With guests Elvis Presley, Buddy Rich and Harry James (one hour).

see also 'Texaco Star Theatre'

Molly (The Goldbergs) / My Favorite Husband
Gertrude Berg / Barry Nelson and Vanessa Brown

Mr. and Mrs. North
Barbara Britton and Richard Denning starred in this light-hearted 1952-54 mystery series. Years before 'Hart to Hart' they played an attractive couple who came across an unusual number of murders.
'Pretty Baby' and 'Phantom at the Wedding.'

Mr. and Mrs. North
'Hand Painted Murder' and 'The Terror.'

Mr. and Mrs. North
'I Killed John Harrington' and 'Dead Man's Tale.'

Mr. and Mrs. North
'Frightened Bride' and 'The Third Eye.'

Mr. and Mrs. North
'Million Dollar Coffin' and 'Where There's a Will.'

Mr. and Mrs. North
'Pretty Baby' and 'These Latins.'

Mr. and Mrs. North
'Weekend Murder' and 'Comic Strip Tease.'

Mr. and Mrs. North
'Surprise Birthday Party' and 'House Behind the Wall.'

Mr. Peepers / The Hank McCune Show
Wally Cox, Tony Randall, Arthur Q. Bryan

M Squad
Lee Marvin starred as a special investigator in this 1957-60 crime show set in Chicago.
'Trade School' with Burt Reynolds and 'High School Bride' with Marion Ross.

M Squad
'The Slow Trap' with Lyle Talbot and 'Fire in the Sky' with Richard Deacon.

M Squad
'The Missing Claimant' and 'Mugger Murder.'

M Squad / Mike Hammer
'The Golden Look' / 'College Boy'

M Squad
'Trade School' and 'High School Bride'

M Squad
'The Tiger's Cage' with Alan Reed / Paula Raymond

M Squad
'Death By Adoption' with Gail Kobe and an episode featuring Joanna Barnes

M Squad
'Two Days for Willy' with Alan Hale and 'Fire in the Sky'

M Squad
'M Squad' with Jeremy Slate and Ed Nelson plus 'Let There Be Light' with Les Tremayne

M Squad / Highway Patrol
'The Golden Look' / 'Stolen C-Notes'

My Favorite Husband / Jackson and Jill
Barry Nelson / Helen Chapman

My Favorite Husband / The Great Gildersleeve
Vanessa Brown / Willard Waterman

My Friend Irma
Marie Wilson stars as a loveable (but ditzy) blonde in this 1952-54 comedy series based adapted from radio. Also with Cathy Lewis and Sid Tomack.
Also on this tape: Meet Millie
The hilarious adventures of a secretary in New York City. Starring Elena Verdugo, Florence Halop, Marvin Kaplan and Roland Winters

My Hero VOLUME 1
Bob Cummings' first situation comedy (1952-53). He played a bumbling real eastate agent named Bob Beanblossom. Also with Julie Bishop (Bob's girlfriend and the boss' secretary).
'The Movie Star' and 'Jimmy Valentine.'

My Hero VOLUME 2
'Cinderella's Revenge' and 'Odd Man In.'

My Hero VOLUME 3
'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Model Beanblossom.'

My Hero VOLUME 4
'The Hesse Story' and 'Beauty Queen.'

My Hero / The Mickey Rooney Show
Bob Cummings / Mickey Rooney

My Little Margie
Popular 1952-55 sitcom starring Gale Storm as Margie Albright and Charles Farrell as her father - a womanizing widower.
'Margie's Phantom Lover,' 'The Missing Link' and 'Hillbilly Margie' (approx. 75 minutes).

My Little Margie
'Vern's Mother-in-Law,' 'The Trapped Freddie' and 'Buried Treasured' (approx. 75 minutes).

My Little Margie
'To Health with Yoga,' 'A Horse for Vern' and 'Vern's New Girlfriend' (approx. 75 minutes).

My Little Margie
'Delinquent Margie,' 'What's Cooking?' and 'Meet Mr. Murphy' (approx. 75 minutes).

My Little Margie / Trouble with Father
'Missing Link' / 'Hot Rod'

My Sister Eileen / My Little Margie
Elaine Strich, Shirley Bonne, Jack Weston / Gale Storm in 'The Flying Saucer'

Naked City
Irene Kane / Lee Phillips

Naked City
Michael Ansara / Martin Balsam

Naked City / Mike Hammer
'Scorpion's Sting' / 'Overdose of Lead'

Navy Log
1955-56 program focusing on the lives of America's sailors. Famed opening sequence shows 2,000 gobs spelling out the show's title aboard the U.S.S. Hancock.
'Buzz Boy' with Robert Easton and 'The Pilot' with John Banner.

Navy Log
'The Death of Dillinger-san' and 'Incident at Formosa.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
Rare 1957 series starring J. Carrol Naish as the famous detective and James Hong as his Number One Son.
'Kidnap,' 'Rhyme or Reason' and 'Three for One.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'The Great Salvos' and 'Secret of the Sea.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'Blind Man's Bluff' and 'Your Money or Your Wife.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'The Highland Fling' and 'Lost Face.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'The Rajput Ruby' and 'Patient in Room 21.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'The Counterfeiters' and 'Final Curtain.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'Death at High Tide' and 'Death of a Don.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'Backfire' and 'Circle of Fear.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'No Holiday for Murder' and 'Dateline: Execution.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'The Noble Art of Murder' and 'No Future for Frederick.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'Hamlet in Flames' and 'Patron of the Arts.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'Voodoo Death' and 'Expatriate.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'The Airport Murder Case' and 'The Hand of Hera Dass.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'Safe Deposit' and 'Exhibit in Wax.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'The Sweater' and 'Three men in a Raft.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'The Chippendale Racket' and 'Invalid.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'Something Old, Something New' and 'The Man in the Wall.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'The Man with 1,000 Faces' and 'Point of No Return.'

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
'Bowl by Cellini' and 'Without Fear.'

Nightmare in Red
Russia and her people are featured in this one hour documentary from the early 1960s.

Not So Long Ago
Bob Hope hosts this look at the America of August 14, 1945 - the last day of World War II.

One Step Beyond VOLUME A
Director John Newland's creepy 1959-61 anthology show - featuring unusual stories based on documented cases of the supernatural.
'The Bride Possessed' starring Virginia Leith ('The Brain That Wouldn't Die') and Skip Homeier (first episode of the series), plus 'Eyewitness' (last episode in the series).

One Step Beyond VOLUME 1
'Message from Clara' with Barbara Baxley and 'The Sorcerer' with Christopher Lee.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 2
'Echo' with Ross Martin and 'The Dark Room' with Cloris Leachman.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 3
'Anniversary of a Murder' with Harry Townes and 'The Last Round' with Charles Bronson.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 4
'Dead Man's Tale' with Walter Reed and 'Gypsy' with Robert Blake.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 5
'Legacy of Love' with Charles Aidman and 'Delusion' with Suzanne Pleshette.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 6
'The Mask' with Joan Elam and 'The Haunting' with Ronald Howard.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 7
'The Lovers' with Vanessa Brown and 'Front Runner' with Ben Cooper and Sandy Kenyon.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 8
'The Riddle' with Warren Stevens and 'Goodbye Grandpa' with Candy Moore.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 9
'Epilogue' with Charles Aidman and William Schallert and 'Dead Ringer' with Grant Williams.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 10
'The Return of Mitchell Campion' with Patrick O'Neal and 'Night of Decision' with Robert Douglas.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 11
'The Vision' with Pernell Roberts and 'Make Me Not a Witch' with Patty McCormick.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 12
'The Trap' with Mike Kellin and 'The Aerialist' with Mike Connors and Yvette Vickers.

One Step Beyond VOLUME 13
'The Peter Hurkos Story' (One hour.)

One Step Beyond VOLUME 14
'Night of April 14' and 'The Dream.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 15
'Person Unknown' and 'Justice.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 16
'The Open Window' and 'The Executioner.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 17
'Ordeal on Locust Street' and 'I Saw You Tomorrow.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 18
'Where Are They' and 'The Tiger.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 19
'Moment of Hate' and 'Signal Received.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 20
'Vanishing Point' and 'Brainwave.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 21
'To Know the End' and 'Dead Part of the House.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 22
'The Face' and 'Rendezvous.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 23
'Encounter' and 'Reunion.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 24
'The Devil's Laughter' and 'The Captain's Guest.'

One Step Beyond VOLUME 25
'Burning Girl' and 'Explorer.'

Orient Express - Mystery Theatre
1953 dramatic anthology filmed in Europe.
'Case of the Snowman Murder' starring Tom Conway and Steve Barclay.

Original Amateur Hour
Long running (1948-70) talent show hosted by Ted Mack. Amateurs performed for a studio audience, who then voted for their favorite act.

Our Miss Brooks
Eve Arden stars as high school teacher Connie Brooks in this popular series based on the classic radio show. Continuing their roles from radio were Richard Crenna, Gloria McMillan and Gale Gordon as Principal Conklin.
'The Big Game' plus 'The New Wardrobe.'

The Outer Limits
See 'Please Stand By'

Pantomime Quiz
Guests include Vincent Price, Adele Jergens, Hans Conreid, Jean Wallace, Jackie Coogan and composer Frank 'Brady Bunch' DeVol.
Also on this tape: Masquerade Party with Peter Donald and Ogden Nash.

Passion and Valor (1983)
a.k.a. Love is Forever A reporter rescues his girlfriend from Laos when it is overrun by the communists. Starring Michael Landon, Edward Woodward, Priscilla Presley and Moira Chen (porn star Laura Gemser).

Passport to Danger
Cesar Romero starred as diplomatic courier Steve McQuinn in this 1954-55 adventure program.
'Rome' and 'Tangiers.'

Passport to Danger
'Sofia' and 'Tehran.'

Passport to Danger
'Geneva' and 'Turkey.'

Passport to Danger / Secret File U.S.A.
Cesar Romero / Robert Alda

Pat Boone Chevy Show / Patti Page Show / Eddy Arnold Show

Peter Gunn
Craig Stevens starred in this hit 1958-61 crime show. Also featuring Herschel Bernardi, Lola Albright and a cool theme song by Henry Mancini. 'The Coffin' and 'Breakout' with George Kennedy.

Peter Gunn
'Broken Journey' and 'Murder on the Midway'

Peter Gunn
'Tender Touch' and 'Chinese Hangman'

Peter Gunn
'Arson & Murder' and 'Criss Cross' with Ted Knight.

The Phantom / Mandrake the Magician
Unsold pilots.

The Phil Silvers Special
'Summer in New York' (1960) with guests Carol Haney and Carol Lawrence (one hour).

The Pinky Lee Show
Two complete song and dance shows from 1955.

Pioneers in Space
The historic flight of John Glenn. Written and narrated by NBC newsman Frank McGee. Also on this tape: Take Command, a motivational film featuring former astronaut Wally Schirra.

Playhouse 90
Legendary 1956-60 ninety minute dramatic anthology on CBS.
'The Comedian' starring Mickey Rooney and Edmond O'Brien.

Playhouse 90
'Death of a Manolete' starring Jack Palance and Suzy Parker.

Playhouse 90
'The Days of Wine and Roses' starring Cliff Robertson and Piper Laurie (90 minutes).

The Playwright Hour
NBC dramatic anthology produced by Fred Coe ('A Thousand Clowns').
Paul Newman stars in Ernest Hemingway's 'The Battler.' Originally aired October 18, 1955 (one hour).

Plymouth Playhouse (ABC Album)
'A Tale of Two Cities' (1953) starring Wendell Cory (one hour).

Police Call / Police Station
Episodes from two 1950s cop shows.

The Poppy is Also a Flower (1966)
Seminal TV movie about dope and it's detrimental effects. Starring Angie Dickenson, Yul Brynner and Rita Hayworth.

Popsicle Parade of Stars (1950) / Red Skelton Show
Fanny Brice, Nancy Walker

Premiere Theatre
'Seven Against the Sea' - original 1962 drama that became 'McHale's Navy.' Presented by Fred Astaire and starring Ernest Borgnine, Gary Vinson (Christy Christopher) and Bobby Wright (Willy Moss). One hour.

Prince Planet
Three animated adventures of the young guardian sent to Earth from another planet (approx. 90 minutes).

Producer's Showcase
Lavish NBC monthly dramatic anthology from Fred Coe.
'The Petrified Forest' with Humphrey Bogart (his only dramatic TV appearance), Lauren Bacall, Henry Fonda, Jack Klugman and Richard Jaeckel. Originally aired May 30, 1955 (90 minutes).

Public Prosecutor VOLUME 1
(Crawford Mystery Theatre)
John Howard, Walter Sande and Anne Gwynne star in this mystery series from the early 1950's. The principals address the camera and invite viewers to help them solve their latest case. 'Case of Crepes for Suzette' plus 'Case of the Missing Hour' with Marjorie Lord.

Public Prosecutor VOLUME 2
'Case of the Devil's Heart' with Cy Kendall and Gloria Grant, plus 'Case of the Shattered Mirror' with Minerva Urecal.

Public Prosecutor / Police Call
John Howard in 'Case of the Man Who Wasn't There' / King Donovan

Punch and Jody (1974)
Starring Glenn Ford as a circus grifter who meets a young woman claiming to be his daughter. Also with Ruth Roman, Parley Baer, Kathleen Widdoes and Billy Barty.

Racket Squad VOLUME 1
Reed Hadley stars as Captain John Braddock of the Racket Squad in this syndicated 1951-1953 crime series. Based on actual bunco cases.
'Desperate Money' plus 'Kite High.'

Racket Squad VOLUME 2
'Miracle Mud' with Will Geer, plus 'The System' with Lola Albright.

Racket Squad VOLUME 3
'Case of the Two Little Country Girls' with Peggy Knudsen and Walter Wolf King, plus 'The Strange Case of James Doyle' with Paul Fix and Thurston Hall.

Racket Squad VOLUME 4
'His Brother's Keeper' with James Gleason, plus 'One More Dream' with Fritz Feld.

Racket Squad VOLUME 5
'The Master Fisherman' plus 'The Bill of Sale Racket.'

Racket Squad VOLUME 6
'Anyone Can Be a Sucker' plus 'Case of the Hearse Chaser' with Adele Jergens.

Racket Squad VOLUME 7
'Case of Lady Luck' with Dawn Addams, Hillary Brooke, Roy Roberts and Damian O'Flynn, plus 'A Place for Grandma.'

Racket Squad VOLUME 8
'The Perpetual Pellet Case' with Stanley Andrews, plus 'Accidently on Purpose' (former Dead End Kid Billy Halop plays a salesman).

Racket Squad VOLUME 9
'The Case of No Questions Asked' plus 'Two For One' with Elizabeth Fraser.

Racket Squad VOLUME 10
'Wife of Many Aliases' plus 'Blessed Expense' with Allen Jenkins.

Racket Squad VOLUME 11
'The Staff of Life' with Harry Carey, Jr., plus 'The Perfect Match.'

Racket Squad VOLUME 12
'Case of the Fraudulent Suit Club' with King Donovan, plus 'Case of the Old Flame.'

Racket Squad
'Case of the Dancing Lady' plus 'Heaven for Sale.'

Racket Squad
'The Sting of Fate' plus 'Case of the Miracle Mud.'

Racket Squad
'Smoke Eater' plus 'Anyone Can Be a Sucker.'

Racket Squad
'The Long Shot' plus 'Desperate Money.'

Racket Squad
'Check and Double Check' with Billy Gray plus 'Figures Don't Lie' (includes original commercials).

Racket Squad / Decoy
'Serenade for a Sucker' / 'Night Light'

Racket Squad / Federal Men
'Smoke Eater' / 'Case of the Buried Treasure'

Ramar of the Jungle VOLUME 1
Syndicated 1952-53 adventure series starring Jon Hall as Dr. Tom Reynolds, a scientist who traveled the jungles of Africa and Asia. Also with Ray Montgomery and M'Lisa McClure.
'The Flaming Mountain' plus 'Evil Strangers.'

Ramar of the Jungle VOLUME 2
'Evil Trek' plus 'Contraband.'

Ramar of the Jungle VOLUME 3
'Jungle Terror' plus 'Striped Fury.'

Ramar of the Jungle / The White Avengers
Jon Hall / Lobo and the World's Smartest Dogs

The Range Rider
1951-53 western series featuring Jock Mahoney in the title role - with Dick Jones as his young sidekick.
'Hideout' and 'Greed Rides the Range.'

The Range Rider
'Silver Blade' and 'Fatal Bullet.'

The Range Rider
'Romeo Goes West' and 'Old Times Trail.'

The Range Rider
'Marshall from Madero' and 'Outlaws Double.'

Classic 1959-66 western starring Eric Fleming as trail boss Gil Favor and young Clint Eastwood as ramrod Rowdy Yates. Also with Paul Brinegar as Wishbone. Includes the classic theme song performed by Frankie Laine.
'The Lost Herd' with Harry Townes and Royal Dano (one hour).

The Real West (1960)
Hour-long 1960 documentary that exploded many western myths. Hosted by Gary Cooper shortly before his death.

The Rebel
Nick Adams starred as former Confederate soldier Johnny Yuma in this 1959-61 western drama. Johnny Cash sang the popular theme song. Two complete episodes.

The Rebel
'The Rattler' and 'Vindicated.'

The Rebel
'Ned Yuma's Son' with John Carradine, a young Strother Martin and Dan 'Bonanza' Blocker plus 'Johnny Yuma - Witness' with Bob Steele

The Rebel / The Californians
'The Promise' / 'Death of Matt Wayne'

The Rebel / Klondike
'Captive of Tremblor' / 'Con Game' (both have original commercials).

Red Skelton Show
Comedy-variety program hosted for twenty years (1951-71) by one of America's favorite comics.
Featuring Reginald Denny and Edward Everett Horton.

Red Skelton Show
Featuring Chester Morris, Veda Ann Borg and Vincent Price.

Red Skelton Show
Featuring Carol Channing, Marie Windsor and Peter Lorre.

Red Skelton Show
Featuring Jane Powell and Charles Ruggles.

Red Skelton Show
Featuring Buster Crabbe and Mickey Rooney.

Red Skelton Show
Thanksgiving Show / Christmas Show.

Rescue 8
Exciting 1958 action series with Jim Davis and Lang Jeffries.
'Bell Tower' with Russell Johnson and 'Storm Drain' with Warren Oates.

The Restless Gun
John Payne starred as a Civil War vet who roamed the West in this 1957-59 adventure series.
'Lady and the Gun' plus 'Bonner's Squaw.'

Richard Diamond / Dangerous Assignment
'Double Image' / 'Briefcase Story'

The Rifleman / Wyatt Earp
'Mail Order Bride' / 'The Assasins'

'Forbidden Island' starring Darren McGavin and Burt Reynolds (one hour).

'Zigzag' starring Darren McGavin, Noah Beery, Jr., Stella Stevens and Charles Bronson (one hour).

Road to Lebanon
With Bing Crosby, Danny Thomas and Hugh Downs (one hour).

Robert Montgomery Presents
'Harvest' (1953) starring James Dean, Dorothy Gish and Ed Begley (one hour).

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
Shot on film and originally aired in 1954, this science fiction program starred Richard Crane as Rocky, with Sally Mansfield as navigator Vena Ray.
'Beyond the Curtain of Space.'

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'Bobby's Comet.'

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'Silver Needle in the Sky.'

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'The Forbidden Moon.'

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'Escape into Space' and 'Kip's Private War.'

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'Inferno in Space' (3 parts)

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'Rocky's Odyssey' (3 parts)

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'The Gypsy Moon' (3 parts)

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'Manhunt in Space' (3 parts)

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'Blastoff' (3 parts)

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
'Crash of Moons' (3 parts)

Rocky King, Detective / Martin Kane, Private Eye
Roscoe Karns / Lee Tracy

The Rosemary Clooney Show
Two complete epsiodes of the 1956-57 variety show. Guests include Mel Ferrer and John Rait.

The Rough Riders
Three soldiers, two Union and one Confederate, team up after the Civil War. Starring Kent Taylor, Jan Merlin and Peter Whitney.

The Rough Riders / 26 Men
'The Ambush' with Kent Taylor / 'Cattle Embargo' with Tris Coffin

Route 66
'Build Your Houses with Their Backs to the Sea' with guest star William Shatner (one hour).

Route 66
'The Clover Throne' with Jack Warden, Anne Helm and DeForest Kelley (with original commercials)

Route 66
'And the Cat Jumped Over the Moon' with Milt Kamen, James Caan, Martin Sheen and Frank Campanella

Roy Acuff's Open House VOLUME 1
Country-western music program.

Roy Acuff's Open House VOLUME 2
Country-western music program.

The Roy Rogers Show VOLUME 1
'The Minister's Son' and 'Unwilling Outlaw.'

The Roy Rogers Show VOLUME 2
'M Stands for Murder' and 'Train Robbery.'

The Roy Rogers Show VOLUME 3
'Ride in the Death Wagon' and 'Shoot to Kill.'

The Roy Rogers Show VOLUME 4
'Hidden Treasure' and 'Boys' Day in Paradise Valley.'

The Ruggles / Duffy's Tavern
Charlie Ruggles / Ed Gardner

The Saint
Classic mystery/adventure series starring Roger Moore as the dashing Simon Templar.
'The Talented Husband' with Shirley Eaton and Derek Farr (one hour).

The Saint
'The Latin Touch' with Alexander Knox (one hour).

Satan's School for Girls (1973)
A young woman goes undercover at an exclusive girls' school to investigate a series of mysterious 'suicides.' Starring Kate Jackson, Cheryl Ladd, Roy Thinnes and Pamela Franklin.

Schlitz Playhouse of the Stars / G.E. Theatre
'The Life You Save' starring Gene Kelly (in his first such appearance) and Agnes Moorehead plus 'The Cold Touch' starring Bette Davis and Forest Tucker.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 1
Fictional stories based on the latest scientific discoveries. Hosted by Truman Bradley and originally aired 1955-56.
'The Voice' with Donald Curtis plus 'The Last Barrier' with William Ching.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 2
'The Mind Machine' with Bill Williams plus 'Hastings' Secret' with a blonde Barbara Hale.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 3
'Signals from the Moon' with Bruce Bennett plus 'Before the Beginning.'

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 4
'The Unexplored' with Osa Massen plus 'The Strange Dr. Lorenz' with Edmund Gwenn.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 5
'Spider, Inc.' with Gene Barry and Robert Clake plus 'Hour of the Nightmare' with Lyn Bari.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 6
'Time is Just a Place' plus '100 Years Young' with Ruth Hussey.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 7
'Y.O.R.D.' with Walter Kingsford plus 'The Long Day' with George Brent.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 8
'No Food for Thought' with John Howard plus 'The Frozen Sound' with Marshall Thompson.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 9
'The Stones Began to Move' with Basil Rathbone plus 'Project 44' with Bill Williams.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 10
'Friend of a Raven' with Virginia Bruce plus 'Beyond Return' with Zachary Scott.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 11
'Target Hurricane' with Marshall Thompson plus 'The Unguided Missile' with Ruth Hussey.

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 12
'The Other Side of The Moon' with Skip Homier and Beverly Garland plus 'The Long Sleep' with Dick Foran.

Science Fiction Theatre Lights Out
'Brain Unlimited' / 'The Man with the Watch'

Screen Director's Playhouse / Errol Flynn Theatre
'The Sword of Villon' (Errol Flynn's dramatic TV debut) / 'Rescued'

Sea Hunt
Classic 1957-61 syndicated action series with Lloyd Bridges as underwater adventurer Miek Nelson.
'The Sunken Submarine' with Leonard Nimoy and 'The Black Hex.'

Sea Hunt
'The Invader' with Leonard Nimoy and 'The Sound of Nothing'

Sea Hunt
'Fake Artifacts' with Connie Hinds, 'Kelp Harvester' and 'Ancient Greek Treasures' with Lisa Gaye and Anthony George (approx. 90 minutes).

Secret Agent
Classic 1965 British spy show featuring Patrick McGoohan.
'The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove' (one hour), a strange, Kafka-esque story of mistaken identity that will also appeal to fans of McGoohan's later series 'The Prisoner.'

Secret File, U.S.A.
1955 Cold War drama filmed in The Netherlands. Starring Robert Alda as Major William Morgan of Army Intelligence and Lois Hensen as Colonel Custer.

Seinfeld Bloopers
Foul-ups from TV's most popular show. Contains some profanities. Approx. 30 minutes.

The Seven Little Foys
Unsold pilot featuring Eddie Foy, Jr., Mickey Rooney (as George M. Cohan) and The Osmond Brothers. Originally aired 1/24/64 on Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Mr. Paradise' with Efram Zimbalist, Jr. Roger Smith, Edd Byrnes and guest star Andrew Duggan (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Thanks for Tomorrow' with Roger Smith, Edward Byrnes, Jacqueline Beer and guest stars Adam West and Mary Tyler Moore (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'The Laurel Canyon Caper' with Richard Long, Roger Smith, Edward Byrnes and guest stars Jock Mahoney and Gary Conway (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Strange Bedfellows' with Richard Long, Roger Smith, Edd Byrnes and guest stars Ty Hardin, Katherine Crowley and John Gabriel (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'The Treehouse Caper' with Roger Smith, Edd Byrnes and guest star Bunny Cooper. Includes original commercials (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Out of the Past' with guest stars Adam West and Patric Knowles (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'The Jukebox Caper' directed by Ida Lupino (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Created He Them' with guest star Jean Byron (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Sierra' with guest stars Sherry Jackson, Edward Platt and Lawrence Dobkin (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Upbeat' with guest stars Dorothy Provine and Andrew Duggan (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Widow and the Web' with guest stars Suzanne Lloyd and Kathllen Freeman (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Texas Doll' with guest star Carol Ohmart - directed by Andre de Toth (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'The Girl Who Couldn't Remember' with guest star Nancy Gates (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Dark Vengeance' with guest star Barry Kelley (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'The Pasadena Caper' with guest star Elizabeth Patterson (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'The Hong Kong Caper' with guest stars Karen Steele, Neil Hamilton and Willard Waterman (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Fix' with guest stars Mary Tyler Moore, Rhodes Reason, Robert Clarke and Lou Nova (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'Publicity Brat' with guest star Billie Burke (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'The Parallel Caper' with guest star Allison Hayes (one hour).

77 Sunset Strip
'White Lie' with guest star Elizabeth Montgomery (as a black woman!). Produced by Jack Webb (one hour).

Sheriff of Cochise
see U.S. Marshal

Sgt. Bilko
Hilarious 1951-59 service comedy starring Phil Silvers as the scheming motorpool sergeant Ernie Bilko. Also with Harvey Lembeck, Allan Melville and Paul Ford as the long-suffering Colonel Hall.
'Bilko Presents Bing Crosby' and 'For the Birds' with Fred Gwynne.

Sgt. Bilko
'Bilko on Ed Sullivan' and 'Show Segments' with Ed Sullivan.

Sgt. Bilko
'Court Martial' and 'Bilko Goes 'Round the World' with Mike Todd.

Sgt. Bilko
'Bilko and the Flying Saucers' and 'Bilko's Vampire.'

Sgt. Bilko
'Bilko's Cousin' with Dick Van Dyke and 'Hillbilly Whiz' with Red Barber, Yogi Bera, Whitey Ford and Phil Rizuto.

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon
'One Bean Too Many' and 'Crime At Wounded Moose' (color).

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon
'Dog Race' and 'Phantom Of Phoenixville' (color).

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon
'Trapped' and 'Skagway Secret' (color).

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon
'Relief Train' (B&W) and 'The Black Ace' (color).

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon
'Scourge of the Wilderness' and 'Blind Justice' (color).

Sgt. Preston / Cisco Kid
'Return Visit' / 'Lynching Story'

Shannon / The Detectives
'End of the Line' / 'The Prowler'

Sheena - Queen of the Jungle
Classic jungle program featuring sexy Amazon Irish McCalla in the title role. This tape contains two complete episodes: 'Eyes of the Idol' and 'The Rival Queen.'

Sherlock Holmes / Charlie Chan
Two episodes from the 1950s detective programs

The Best of Shindig--An hour of 1960s fun with The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The Supremes, The Righteous Brothers, The Turtles, Leslie Gore, The Four Tops, The Dave Clark Five, Sonny & Cher, The Hollies, The Yardbirds (with Jeff Beck), Donovan, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Peter & Gordon, The Kingsmen, Freddie & the Dreamers, The Lovin' Spoonful and The Four Tops.

Shirley Temple Family Theatre
Shirley Temple served as host and narrator on this 1960-61 anthology series.
'Sleeping Beauty' with Judith Evelyn, Alexander Scourby, Nancy Marchand and Anne Helm (one hour).

Shirley Temple Family Theatre
'Hiawatha' with J. Carroll Naish, John Ericson, Pernell Roberts and Robert Warwick (one hour).

Shirley Temple Family Theatre
Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Emperor's New Clothes' with Eli Wallach, Sebastian Cabot and Richard Haydn (one hour).

Shirley Temple Family Theatre
'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves' with Thomas Gomez, Nehemiah Persoff, Vivian Nathan and Bruce Gordon (one hour).

Shirley Temple Family Theatre
A musical based on Mother Goose. Starring Shirley Temple, Billy Gilbert, Lloyd Corrigan, Rod McKuen and Elsa Lanchester as Mother Goose (one hour). Color.

Shotgun Slade
Screen tough guy Scott Brady ('He Walked by Night,' 'White Fire') stars as detective in this unique western/private eye series that aired 1959-61. 'My office is in Denver but I'm not there that often. I go wherever I need to go - wherever there's trouble!' Syndicated show was produced from 1959-61.
'The Deadly Key' and 'The Smell Of Money.' $19.95

Shotgun Slade 'Donna Juanita' and 'The Golden Tunnel.' $19.95

Shotgun Slade 'Flowers For Jenny' and 'The Fabulous Fiddle.' $19.95

Shotgun Slade 'Crossed Guns' and 'Sudden Death.' $19.95

Shotgun Slade 'The Spanish Box' and 'Backtrack.' $19.95

Shotgun Slade 'Ring Of Death' and 'The Killer's Brand.' $19.95

Shotgun Slade 'A Flower On Boothill' and 'The Charcoal Bullet.' $19.95

Shotgun Slade 'Lost Gold' and 'The Silent Man.' $19.95

Shotgun Slade
'The Blue Doe' and 'Deadfall.' $14.95

Shotgun Slade / The Tall Man
'Marked Money' with Carol Ohmart / 'A Pair of Boots' with Jim Davis and Ford Rainey. $9.95

Shotgun Slade / 26 Men
'Silent Man' with Scott Brady / 'The Hasbeen' with Tris Coffin $14.95

Shower of Stars VOLUME 1
CBS variety program that aired 1954-58. The original host was William Lundigan.
With Mario Lanza, Betty Grable and Harry James (one hour).

Shower of Stars VOLUME 2
With Gene Nelson, Mario Lanza, Sheree North, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy (one hour).

Shower of Stars VOLUME 3
With Shirley MacLaine, Harry James, Johnny Ray and Larry Storch (one hour).

Shower of Stars VOLUME 4
With Frankie Laine, Red Skelton, The Andrews Sisters, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson and Rudy Vallee (one hour).

Shower of Stars VOLUME 5
With Ed Wynn, Betty Grable, Harry James, Groucho Marx and Danny Thomas (one hour).

Shower of Stars VOLUME 6
With Tony Martin, Mel Allen, Vivian Vance and William Frawley (one hour).

Shower of Stars VOLUME 7
With Frankie Laine, Joe E. Brown, Jane Russell, The Teenagers and Tex Williams (one hour).

Shower of Stars VOLUME 8
'A Christmas Carol' starring Frederic March as Scrooge and Basil Rathbone as Marley's Ghost. Also with Ray Middleton and Bob Sweeney. Music by Bernard Hermann (one hour).

Shower of Stars VOLUME 9
'Time Out for Ginger' starring Jack Benny, Ruth Hussey, Gary Crosby, Mary Wicks and Edward Everett Horton (one hour).

The Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner and Howard Morris Special
The Stars look back at the classic program 'Your Show of Shows.'

The Sins of Dorian Gray (1983)
Starring Anthony Perkins and Belinda Bauer. Classic Oscar Wilde story with a female lead this go 'round. Rare live action feature from Rankin-Bass.

$64,000 Question / Dollar a Second
Two classic game shows from the 1950s.

Sky King
Popular 1951-54 adventure series starring Kirby Grant as an aviating adventurer.
'A Dog Named Barney' and 'Wild Man.'

Sky King
'One for the Money' and 'Speak No Evil.'

Sky King
'Manhunt' with Gary Conway and Richard Beymer plus 'Dust of Destruction.'

Soldiers of Fortune
John Russell and Chick Chandler starred as Tim Kelly and Tuobo Smith, two adventurers who would go anywhere (and do anything if the price was right) in this 1955-56 syndicated film series.
'Jungle Search' and 'Pipeline to Danger.'

Soldiers of Fortune
'Sand Hogs' and 'Gift of Death.'

Soldiers of Fortune
'Runaway King' and 'Temple of Terror.'

Sophia Loren in Rome
An hour long tour of The Eternal City hosted by Sophia Loren with special Guest Marcello Mastroianni. Originally aired November 12, 1964. Music by John Barry.

Space Patrol
The 30th Century adventures of Commander Buzz Corey (Ed Kemmer), Cadet Happy (Lyn Osborne) and Major Robertson (Ken Mayer). The onscreen announcer is future game show host Jack Narz.
Two thrilling episodes ('The Energy Pirate' and 'Terra the Doomed Planet') are sandwiched between enthusiastic pitches for Chex cereals.

Space Patrol
'Marooned in the Past' and 'The Deadly Glacier.' This tape also includes a 15 min. episode of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet and a promotional program from ABC-TV featuring the unveiling of the Ralston Rocket (approx. 90 min. total).

Space Patrol
'Giants of Pluto' and 'Fiery Pit of Pluto.'

Space Patrol
'Space Patrol Periscope' and 'Defeat of Manza.'

Space Patrol
'Mystery of Planet X' and 'Ice Demon of Planet X.'

Space Patrol
'Slaves of Planet X' and 'Castle's Destruction on Planet X.'

Space Patrol
'The Space Doctor' and 'Trapped in the Pyramid.'

Space Patrol
'Space Vault Robbery' and 'Monsoon on Cyclonia.'

Space Patrol
'Deadly Ray Gun' and 'Space Vault Robbery.'

Space Patrol
'Space Patrol Code Belt' and 'Mysterious Oceans in Space.'

Space Patrol
'Baccarratti's Z-Ray' and 'Fraud on Titan.'

Space Patrol
'Lair of the Space Spider,' 'Web of Arachna' and 'Collapse of the Spider's Web.' 90 minutes.

Space Patrol
'Revenge of the Black Falcon,' 'Sorcerers from Outer Space' and 'Bacharatti's Black Magic.' 90 minutes.

The Stage Show VOLUME 1
1954-56 musical variety series hosted by bandleaders Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey.
With guests Joey Bishop, Roberta Sherwood, Helen O'Connell and Jayne and Audrey Meadows.

The Stage Show VOLUME 2
With guests Sarah Vaughn, Morey Amsterdam, Larry Storch and Della Reese.

The Stage Show VOLUME 3
With guests Dick Haynes, Roberta Sherwood, Joey Adams and the June Taylor Dancers.

The Stage Show VOLUME 4
With guests Eileen Barton, George Kirby, George Jessell and Sunny Gale.

The Stage Show VOLUME 5
St. Patrick's Day show with guests Henny Youngman and Elvis Presley.

Stars in the Eye
The opening of Television City in Hollywood. Featuring Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Amos and Andy, George Burns and many other stars (one hour).

Star Trek Bloopers
Flubs and crack-ups from the classic 1960s sci-fi program. Also includes original network promos, interviews with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, trailers from the Star Trek films and more. NOTE: Some sequences are below average in picture quality (one hour).

'The Swinging Singing Years' (1960) Ronald Reagan hosts this one hour special featuring the music of Stan Kenton, Freddie Martin, Charlie Barnett and Louis Jordan.

State Trooper
Rod Cameron starred in this 1957 show about a Nevada policeman.
'Death on the Rock' and 'When the Cat's Away.'

Steve Allen Plymouth Show
With guest stars Ginger Rogers and Tony Bennett (one hour).

Steve Allen Plymouth Show
With guest stars Jonathan Winters and Phil Harris - plus regulars Don Knotts and Pat Harrington (one hour).

Stoney Burke
1962-63 contemporary western featuring Jack Lord as a rugged rodeo performer. Also with Warren Oates, Bruce Dern and Buck Taylor.
'The Gold-Plated Maverick' with guest star Michael Anderson.

Stoney Burke
'Point of Entry' with guest stars Cesare Donava, Bill Smith and Antoinette Bower (one hour).

Stories of the Century
(1954) True tales of the Old West as seen through the eyes of railroad detective Matt Clark (Dallas' Jim Davis) and his beautiful partner Frankie (Mary Castle).
'The Younger Brothers,' 'Belle Starr,' 'Clay Allison' and 'The Apache Kid.' Guest stars include Marie Windsor and Louise Beavers (four episodes - approx. 100 minutes).

Stories of the Century
'Tom Bell,' 'Burt Alvord,' 'Tom Horn' and 'The Doolin Gang.' Guest stars include Stuart Whitman (four episodes - approx. 100 minutes).

Stories of the Century
'Augustine Chacon,' 'Nate Champion,' 'Harry Tracy' and 'The Wild Bunch of Wyoming.' Guest Stars include Steve Brodie, Henry Brandon, Joe Sawyer, Slim Pickens and Lane Chandler (four episodes - approx. 100 minutes).

Stories of the Century
'Cattle Kate,' 'Johnny Ringo,' 'Henry Plummer' and 'Bill Longley.' Guest Stars include Jean Parker and Donald Curtis (four episodes - approx. 100 minutes).

Stories of the Century
'Jack Slade,' 'Milt Sharp,' 'Kate Bender' and 'Cherokee Bill.' Guest stars include Don 'Red' Barry, Pierce Lyden, Veda Ann Borg and Slim Pickens (four episodes - approx. 100 minutes).

Stories of the Century
'Chief Crazy Horse,' 'Black Jack Ketchum,' 'Rube Barrows' and Musgrove.' Guest Stars include Jack Elam (four episodes - approx. 100 minutes).

Stories of the Century
'Doc Holiday,' 'Quantrill and His Raiders,' 'John Wesley Hardin' and 'Geronimo.' Guest stars include Bruce Bennett, Lyle Talbot and Chief Yowlachie (four episodes - approx. 100 minutes).

Stories of the Century
'Joaquin Murieta,' 'Black Bart,' 'Little Britches' and 'Ben Thompson.' Guest stars include Robert Livingston and Tyler McVey (four episodes - approx. 100 minutes).

Stories of the Century
'Billy the Kid,' 'The Dalton Gang,' 'Frank and Jesse James' and 'Sam Bass.' Guest stars include Don Haggerty, Denver Pyle and Stuart Whitman (four episodes - approx. 100 minutes).

Stories of the Century
'The Dalton Gang' plus 'Frank and Jesse James' with Lee Van Cleef.

Stories of the Century
'Jack Slade' plus 'Tiburcio Vasquez' with Glenn Strange.

The Stork Club
Sherman Billingsly hosted this musical variety show aired 1950-55. With guests Peter Donald and Dorothy Kilgallen. Also on this tape: Person to Person Edward R. Murrow interviews James Jones plus Hume Cronin and Jessica Tandy.

Streets of Danger (The Lone Wolf)
1955 syndicated show based on the radio and film series. Louis Hayward stars as private detective Mike Lanyard, otherwise known as The Lone Wolf.
'Las Vegas Story' with guest stars Nancy Gates, De Forest Kelley and Jerry Paris, plus 'Avalanche' with guest star Ernest Borgnine.

Studio One
Prestigious 1948-58 CBS dramatic anthology.
'The Defender' with Steve McQueen and Ralph Bellamy (one hour).

Studio One
'The Last Cruise' with DeForest Kelley and Walter Matthau (one hour).

Studio One
'Little Men, Big World' starring Jack Palance and Ray Walston.

Studio One
'Little Women - Meg's Story' with Mary Sinclair and John Baragrey (one hour).

Studio One
'Little Women - Jo's Story' with Mary Sinclair and Kent Smith (one hour).

Studio One
'The Wings of a Dove' a 1952 drama starring Charleton Heston (one hour).

Stump the Stars (Pantomime Quiz)
Two complete episodes of the popular game show. Charade-playing guests include Beverly Garland, Sebastian Cabot, Fabian, Robert Clary, Ross Martin, Stubby Kaye, Julie London, Ruta Lee, Gordon MacRae, Sheila MacRae, Richard Long.

The colorful exploits of Tom ('Sugarfoot') Brewster, an 1860s law student. Starring Will Hutchins.
'The Return of the Canary Kid' (approx. one hour).

Summer on Ice
1960 Ice Capades presentation from the U.S. Brewers Foundation. With special guests Rosemary Clooney, Tab Hunter and Tony Randall (one hour).

Original unaired 1961 pilot starring Johnny Rockwell. Includes the half hour pilot film plus various screen tests for the principal players.

Popular 1951-57 series starring George Reeves as the Man of Steel.
'Superman on Earth' (first show) and 'The Haunted Lighthouse.'

'Case of the Talkative Dummy' and 'Mystery of the Broken Statues.'

Super Bloopers and Celebrity Commercials
Featuring the Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz and many others.

Surfside Six
'Country Gentleman' (pilot) with Ray Danton (one hour).

Surfside Six
'Circumstantial Evidence' with Lisa Gaye and Dawn Wells (one hour).

Surfside Six
'Spinout at Sebring' with Alejandro Rey (one hour).

Surfside Six
'Black Orange Blossoms' (below average picture quality) one hour.

Surfside Six
'Circumstantial Evidence' with Lisa Gaye, Leslie Parrish and Dawn Wells (one hour).

This 1949-54 half-hour thriller was based on the long-running radio drama.
'F.O.B. Vienna' with Walter Matthau and Jayne Meadows plus 'All Hallow's Eve' with Franchot Tone.

One hour suspense anthology broadcast on NBC (1957-59).
Alfred Hitchcock's 'Meeting in Paris' with Rory Calhoun and Jane Greer.

'Touch of Evil' with Harry Guardino and Audrey Totter.

'Fraction of a Second' with Bette Davis. Adapted from an eerie tale by Daphne duMaurier.

'The Flight' with Audie Murphy, Jack Warden, Everett Sloane and Susan Kohner. Gene L. Coon ('Star Trek') worked on the script.

Alfred Hitchcock's 'Four O'Clock' with Nancy Kelly and E.G. Marshall.

Alfred Hitchcock's 'Meeting in Paris' with Jane Greer and Rory Calhoun.

'Protege' with Agnes Moorehead, William Shatner and Jack Klugman.

Tales of the Texas Rangers
Jace Pearson, Clay Morgan starred in this unique 1955-57 series that featured both contemporary and old west adventures.
'Diamond Smugglers' (set in modern NYC) and 'A Texas Million.'

Tales of the Texas Rangers
'Carnival Criss Cross' and 'Uranium Pete'

Tales of the Texas Rangers / Whirlybirds
'Edge of Danger' / 'Bankrupt Alibi'

Tales of the Texas Rangers / Whirlybirds
'The Devil's Deputy' / 'Journey to the Past'

Tales of Tomorrow
This 1951-53 anthology show featured science fiction programs and stories about the supernatural. 'Past Tense' with Boris Karloff and 'The Ice From Space' with Paul Newman.

Tales of Tomorrow
'A Child is Crying' and 'The Window' with Rod Steiger.

Tales of Wells Fargo
Dale Robertson starred as an agent for the famed transport company in this 1957-62 NBC western seires.
'Death of a Minor God.'

The Tall Man
1960-62 western drama starring Barry Sullivan as Sheriff Pat Garrett and Clu Gulager as Billy the Kid.
'The Legend of Billy' and 'Female Artillery.'

The Tall Man
'Bounty for Billy' and 'Where is Sylvia?'

The Tall Man
'Night of the Hawk' and 'St. Louis Woman.'

The Tall Man
'Girl from Paradise' and 'Bad Company.'

Telephone Time
1956-58 dramatic anthology featuring stories based on true events.
'Fight for the Title' starring Michael Landon and 'Knockout' starring Broderick Crawford.

Telephone Time
'Uncle Fred Flits By' starring David Niven and 'Intruder' starring Joel Grey.

Telephone Time
'The Golden Junkman' starring Lon Chaney, Jr. and 'The Greatest Man in the World' starring Pat O'Brien.

Television Party for Musclar Dystrophy
1954 charity program featuring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
Two complete programs from the 1955-57 music series.

Terry and the Pirates
1952 adventure series starring John Baer as Terry Lee - an American pilot-adventurer operating in the Far East, and Gloria Saunders as his beautiful femme fatale nemesis The Dragon Lady. With William Tracy as Terry's pal Hotshot. Based on the famous comic strip and subsequent radio program.
'Excess Cargo on Board' plus 'Black Market in Death.'

Terry and the Pirates
'The Randall Affair' plus 'The Chinese Legacy.'

Terry and the Pirates / Biff Baker, U.S.A.
John Baer / Alan Hale, Jr.'s 1952-53 espionage series

Texaco's Swing Into Spring
(1959) Featuring Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Hampton, Peggy Lee and Shelley Mann (one hour).

Texaco Star Theatre
With Milton Berle and guest Ronald Reagan (one hour).

Texaco Star Theatre
With Milton Berle and guests Gertrude Berg and the Andrews Sisters (one hour).

Texaco Star Theatre
With Milton Berle and guests Danny Thomas, Fran Warren and Sid Stone (one hour).

see also 'The Milton Berle Show'

The Texan
Two episodes of the 1958-60 western series starring Rory Calhoun.

The Thin Man / Topper Goes to Hollywood
Peter Lawford / Leo G. Carroll

The Third Man
1959-60 adventure series starring Michael Rennie as Harry Lime. Based on the Graham Greene novel and subsequent film.
'Dark Island' plus 'The Man Who Dies Twice.'

The Third Man
'I.O.U.' plus 'Calculated Risk.'

The Third Man
'Diamond in the Rough' plus 'Crisis in Crocodile.'

The Third Man
'House of Bon Bons' plus 'A Little Knowledge.'

The Third Man
'Spark from a Dead Fire' plus 'Ghost Town.'

The Third Man
'Question Ice' plus 'Castle in Spain.'

Seminal 1960-62 crime-horror anthology hosted by (and often starring) Boris Karloff.
'Knock Three-One-Two' starring Beverly Garland, Warren Oates and Charles Aidman.

Tightrope / Johnny Midnight
'Cracking Point' with Mike Connors / 'Schatzi' with Edmond O'Brien

The Tim McCoy Show / Cowboy G-Men
Iron Eyes Cody in a color episode / Russell Hayden and Jackie Coogan (1952)

The Time Tunnel
James Darren, Robert Colbert and Lee Meriwether star in Irwin Allen's 1960s sci-fi drama.
'Rendezvous with Yesterday' pilot show with guest stars Michael Rennie and Gary Merrill (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'One Way to the Moon' with guest star Warren Stevens (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'End of the World' with guest star Paul Fix (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'The Day the Sky Fell In' (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'Massacre' (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'Town of Terror' (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'Devil's Island' (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'Chase Through Time' with guest star Robert Duvall (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'Billy the Kid' with Robert Walker, Jr. and John Crawford (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'Idol of Death' with guest star Anthony Caruso (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'Invasion' (one hour).

The Time Tunnel
'Attack of the Barbarians' with John Saxon as Marco Polo (one hour).

Timex All-Star Comedy Show
1962 program with Johnny Carson, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks and Buddy Hackett.

Tiptoe Through TV
1960 special featuring Sid Ceasar, Audrey Meadows and Charleton Heston (one hour).

Toast of the Town
Ed Sullivan and a host of stars salute M-G-M (one hour).

Toast of the Town
Ed Sullivan and guest Mickey Rooney (one hour).

see also 'The Ed Sullivan Show'

1953-55 comedy series starring Leo G. Carroll as a Cosmo Topper, a sedate banker haunted by a fun-loving ghost. Also with Anne Jeffreys and Robert Sterling.
'George's Old Flame' and 'Henrietta Sells the House.'

Topper Goes to Hollywood / The Thin Man
Leo G. Carroll / Peter Lawford

Tour of the White House
Conducted by Mrs. John F. Kennedy (one hour).

1957-59 western series starring Robert Culp as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman.
'The Kid' and 'Bad Judgement.'

'Back to Crawford' and 'Fear.'

The Trail Blazers / Kit Carson
Alan Hale., Jr. / Bill Williams

The Trouble with Father VOLUME 1
1950-55 domestic sitcom (one of the first shot on film) starring Stu Irwin as the bumbling father and June Collier (sister of Bud 'Superman' Collier as his wife. 'Landlord' and 'Nothing But the Truth.'

The Trouble with Father VOLUME 2
'Quarantine' and 'A Very Rainy Day.'

The Trouble with Father VOLUME 3
'Family Tree' and 'Leave It to Stu.'

The Trouble with Father VOLUME 4
'Youth is Wonderful' and 'Springtime for Father.'

The Trouble with Father VOLUME 5
'Father Gets Into the Act' and 'Spooks.'

The Trouble with Father VOLUME 6
'The Big Game' and 'The Debate.'

The Trouble with Father VOLUME 7
'The Wedding' and 'French Influence.'

The Trouble with Father VOLUME 8
'In a Pickle' and 'Many Happy Returns.'

Trouble with Father / Jack Benny Program
Stu Erwin and Jack Benny star in two complete episodes from the classic 1950s comedy shows.

TV Reader's Digest / G.E. Theatre
'The Brainwashing of John Hayes with Vincent Price' / 'The Big Shot' with Johnnie Ray (hosted by Ronald Reagan).

12 O'Clock High
World War II drama that originally aired 1964-67. Stories revolved around pilots of the 918th Squadron based in England.
'The Outsider' starring Paul Burke - with guest stars James MacArthur (as a pilot who accidently shoots a friendly aircraft), Lee Meriwether and Patrick Wayne - watch for young Dabney Coleman too (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'The Clash' starring Robert Lansing - with guest star Albert Paulsen. Enemy fliers find themselves in the same lift raft after a battle and crash (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'Soldiers Sometimes Kill' starring Robert Lansing - with guest stars John Williams and Victoria Shaw (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'The Hotshot' starring Paul Burke - with guest stars Warren Oates and Andrew Duggan. Directed by Richard Donner (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'Underground' starring Paul Burke - with guest stars Claudine Longet, Robert Walker, Jr. and Whit Bissell (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'Follow the Leader' starring Robert Lansing - with guest stars Andrew Prine and Judy Carne (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'Decoy' starring Paul Burke - with guest stars Michael Callan and Carl Schell. Includes original commercials (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'Here's to Courageous Cowards' with guest star Brandon deWilde (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'The Suspected' with guest stars Michael Callan, Edward Binns and Antoinette Bower (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'A Act of War' with guest stars Norman Fell, John Kerr and Michael Davis (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'Face of a Shadow' with guest stars Jack Lord and Luciana Paluzzi (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'The Fighter Pilot' with guest stars Don Gordon and Marilyn Mason (one hour).

12 O'Clock High
'The Jones Boys' with guest stars Andrew Prine, Burt Reynolds and Bruce Dern.

12 O'Clock High
'Massacre' with guest stars Kevin McCarthy, Kathleen Widdoes and Michael Constantine.

12 O'Clock High
'Climate of Doubt' with guest star Viveca Lindfors.

12 O'Clock High
'Decision' with guest stars Tim O'Connor and John Van Dreelan.

12 O'Clock High
'Those Who Are About to Die' with guest stars Glenn Corbett and Sally Kellerman.

12 O'Clock High
'Practice to Deceive' with guest star Diana Hyland.

20th Century-Fox Hour
Dramatic anthology seen 1955-57 on CBS.
'The Genius' (1956) starring Eddie Bracken, ZaSu Pitts and Reginald Denny as Mr. Belvedere.

20th Century-Fox Hour
'The Ox-Bow Incident' (1955) starring Robert Wagner, Cameron Mitchell and Raymond Burr.

20th Century-Fox Hour
'The Moneymaker' (1956) starring Robert Sterling, Terry Moore and Spring Byington.

24 Hours in a Woman's Life
In this rare TV appearance, Ingrid Bergman plays a woman looking back on her life - detailing the 24 hour period when she tried to save a suicidal gambler (Rip Torn) in Monte Carlo. Originally aired March 20, 1961. One hour.

The basis for the film QUIZ SHOW, this is the infamous program show aired 12/5/56 where champion Herb Stempel 'threw' the match to contestant Charles Van Doren. Hosted by Jack Barry. One 30-minute episode with original Geritol, Zarumin and Sominex commercials.

26 Men
Tris Coffin in this 1957 series featuring adventures of the Arizona Rangers, a law enforcement agency founded in 1901.
'Dead Man in Tombstone' and 'Panic in Bisbee.'

26 Men
'Violent Land' and 'Hoax at Globe.'

26 Men
'The Wild Bunch' and 'Border Incident.'

26 Men / Shotgun Slade
'The Hasbeen' with guest star Michael Forest as a boxer running a crooked prizefighting racket.
Plus an episode of Shotgun Slade with Scott Brady.

26 Men / Sheriff of Cochise (U.S. Marshall)
Tris Coffin / John Bromfield as lawman Frank Morgan

U.S. Border Patrol / Treasury Men
'Love, Death and Diamonds' with Richard Webb / 'Careless Murder'

U.S. Marshal a.k.a. Sheriff Of Cochise, Man From Cochise
Starring John Blomfield.
'Bank Robbery' and 'Lynching Party.'

U.S. Marshal
'Ghost Town' and 'Triple Cross' - directed by Robert Altman, with guest stars John Lupton and Donald Barry.

U.S. Marshal
'Grandfather' with guest star Virginia Grey and 'Third Miracle' directed by Robert Altman.

U.S. Marshal
'Backfire' and 'Kill Or Be Killed' (both episodes directed by Robert Altman).

U.S. Marshal
'R.I.P.' directed by Robert Altman and 'The Diner.'

U.S. Marshal
'Stool Pigeon' and Pursuit' with guest star Charles Bronson.

U.S. Marshal
'Mary Jo Is Missing' and 'The Fugitive.'

U.S. Marshal
'Trigger Happy' with guest star Martin Milner and 'Human Bomb' with guest star Michael Landon.

U.S. Marshal
'Husband and Wife' with guest star Mike Connors and 'The Relatives.'

U.S. Marshal
'Sentenced To Death' with guest star Jack Lord and 'Federal Witness' with guest stars Sidney Blackmer & Glenda Farrell.

The Untouchables
'The Jake Lingle Killing' with Jack Lord and Charles McGraw

The Untouchables
'The George 'Bugs' Moran Story' with Lloyd Nolan and Jack Warden

U.S. Steel Hour
1953-63 dramatic anthology.
'Bang the Drum Slowly' starring Paul Newman (September 26, 1956).

U.S. Steel Hour
'Requiem for a Heavyweight' starring Jack Palance, Keenan Wynn, Kim Hunter and Ed Wynn (March 15, 1955).

U.S. Steel Hour
'No Time for Sergeants' starring Andy Griffith as Private Will Stockdale, a role he had played on stage (and later in the film version). March 15, 1955 (one hour).

Vic and Sade
From the classic radio comedy written by Paul Rhymer. This tape is an extremely rare kinescope of the original radio cast (Art Van Harvey and Bernadine Flynn) performing a script in front of the camera during a brief, abortive fling at television. One 15-minute episode.
Also on this tape: Lum and Abner

Wagon Train
Popular and long-running (1957-65) western series starring Ward Bond (and later John MacIntyre).
'The Dr. Denker Story' with Robert Horton and Theodore Bikel.

Wagon Train
'The Estaban Zamora Story' with Ernest Borgnine and Leonard Nimoy.

Wagon Train
'The Maggie Hamilton Story' with Susan Oliver and Leonard Nimoy.

Wagon Train
'The Tom Tuesday Story' with Brian Keith.

Wagon Train
'The Malachi Hobart Story' with John McIntyre and guest stars Franchot Tone and Irene Ryan.

Wagon Train
'The Annie McGregor Story' with Ward Bond and guest stars Jeannie Carson, Richard Long and Tudor Owen.

Wagon Train (Major Adams)
'The Alexander Portlass Story' with Peter Lorre.

Wagon Train
'The Chalice' with Lon Chaney, Jr. and Richard Jaeckel. NOTE: This episode is in English with Spanish subtitles.

Wake Me When the War is Over (1969)
A German Baroness (Eva Gabor) convinces an Army officer (Ken Berry) that the war is still on. Also with Jim Backus, Werner Klemperer, Hans Conreid, Parley Baer and Eva Gabor.

Wanted Dead or Alive
Classic 1958-61 western drama starring Steve McQueen as bounty hunter Josh Randall.
'The Littlest Client' and 'Reckless.'

Wanted Dead or Alive / Colt .45
'The Montana Kid' with Steve McQueen / 'Yellow Fever' with Wayde Preston

Wanted Dead or Alive / The Rebel
Includes original commercials (including Nick Adams pitching L&M cigarettes and Steve McQueen pushing Viceroys).

Wanted: The Sundance Woman (1976)
Starring Katherine Ross as Etta Place, 'friend' of the infamous gunslinger. Also with Hector Elizondo, Michael Constantine, Steve Forest and Stella Stevens.

Washington Square
Hour-long musical comedy series from the 1956-57 season. Starring Ray Bolger as himself, with Gertrude Berg, Stubby Kaye and Arnold Stang.

A 1953-56 syndicated adventure series starring Preston Foster as Captain John Herrick, a tugboat owner who ran into all sorts of smugglers, thieves and assorted criminal types. Also with Allen Jenkins and Willie Best.
'Captain Long John' with guest star Ernest Borgnine plus 'Harbor Piracy' directed by Phil Karlson ('Walking Tall,' 'Behind the Mask,' 'KC Confidential.')

Waterfront / Heart of the City (Big Town)
Preston Foster / Patrick McVey

Wayne and Schuster Take an Affectionate Look at...
'W.C. Fields'
(1966) The Canadian comedy duo examines the life of the legendary comedian.

Wayne and Schuster Take an Affectionate Look at...
'Jack Benny.'

Wayne and Schuster Take an Affectionate Look at...
'George Burns.'

Wayne and Schuster Take an Affectionate Look at...
'The Westerns.'

Wayne and Schuster Take an Affectionate Look at...
'The Marx Brothers.'

Wayne and Schuster Take an Affectionate Look at...
'Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.'

Wayne and Schuster Present
'The Best of the Monsters.'

Way Out
A rare look at a short-lived anthology show hosted by fantasy writer Roald Dahl. For three months in 1961 this macabre program aired immediately before the similar 'Twilight Zone' on CBS.
'William and Mary' with Fritz Weaver, plus 'Dissolve to Black.'

Way Out
'I Heard You Calling Me' with Constance Ford and 'The Croaker' with John McGyver and a very young Richard Thomas.

Way Out / One Step Beyond
'I Heard You Calling Me' with Constance Ford / 'The Croaker' with John McGyver and a very young Richard Thomas.

The Westerner / Whiplash
Brian Keith / Peter Graves

Western Ranch Party VOLUME 1
Featuring Tex Ritter, Jimmy Wakely and Eddie Dean.

Western Ranch Party VOLUME 2
Featuring Tex Ritter, Jim Reeves and The Sons of the Pioneers. <

Western Ranch Party VOLUME 3
Featuring Tex Ritter, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves and Carl Perkins.

Western Ranch Party VOLUME 4
Featuring Tex Ritter, Johnny Cash, Ray Price and George Jones.

Western Ranch Party VOLUME 5
Featuring Tex Ritter, Johnny Cash and Smiley Burnette.

Western Ranch Party VOLUME 6
Featuring Tex Ritter, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Carl Perkins.

Westinghouse Studio One
'Of Human Bondage' from 11/29/49 with Charlton Heston (one hour).

Westinghouse Studio One
'A Bolt of Lightning' from 11/5/51 with Charlton Heston (one hour).

Westinghouse Studio One
'The Scarlet Letter' from 4/3/50 with Mary Sinclair (one hour).

Westinghouse Studio One
'Abraham Lincoln' from 5/26/52 with James Dean (one hour).

Westinghouse Studio One
'Henry IV' from 12/5/49 with Richard Purdy and Barry Kroger (one hour).

Westinghouse Studio One
'Flowers from a Stranger' from 5/25/49 with Yul Brynner (one hour).

Westinghouse Studio One
'The Willow Cabin' from 2/27/50 with Charlton Heston (one hour).

Westinghouse Studio One
Coriolanus' from 6/11/51 with Richard Greene, Judith Evelyn and Tom Poston (one hour).

Westinghouse Studio One
'The Taming of the Shrew' from 6/5/50 with Charlton Heston (one hour).

Where's Raymond?
Ray Bolger stars as a Broadway star living in suburbia in this musical situation comedy. Two complete episodes from the 1953-55 series.

Two complete epsiodes from the classic 1957 adventure series starring Kenneth Tobey and Craig Hill. Watch for cult star Dick Miller ('Bucket of Blood') as a punchy boxer.
'Prizefighter' and 'Con Man.'

'Little Girl's Lost Dog' and 'Mystery of the Seven Orchids.'

Whirlybirds / Have Gun, Will Travel
'Witnesses in Jeopardy' / 'The Debutante'

Whirlybirds / Tales of the Texas Rangers
'Bankrupt Alibi' / 'Edge of Danger'

Whirlybirds / Tales of the Texas Rangers
'Journey to the Past' / 'The Devil's Deputy'

The Whistler VOLUME 1
Strange stories of murder hosted by The Whistler, a never-seen mystery man. Based on the classic radio series. 'I am the Whistler - and I know many strange things for I walk by night. I know many strange tales hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. I know the nameless terrors of which they dare not speak!'
'The Lovely Look' and 'The Other Hand.'

The Whistler VOLUME 2
'The Blank Wall' with Wallace Ford and 'The Man Who Ran' with Les Tremayne.

Wide Country
Hour-long 1962-63 drama set in the world of professional rodeo riders. Starring Earl Holliman and Andrew Prine.
'Step Over the Sky.'

Wild Bill Hickcok
Long running (1951-58) western series featuring Guy Madison as Wild Bill and Andy Devine as his sidekick Jingles B. Jones.
'The Cleary Gang' and 'The Thin Line.'

Wild Bill Hickcok / Brave Eagle, Chief of the Cheyennes
Guy Madison and Andy Devine / Keith Larsen and Kim Winona

The Wild, Wild West
Pilot episode for the innovative 1965-69 western/secret agent series starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. Features guest star Suzanne Pleshette.

William Tell
'The Mountain People' from the 1954 series starring Conrad Phillips as the legendary Swiss freedom fighter. Also on this tape: Two episodes of The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Winky-Dink and You
Kids show (1953-57) hosted by Jack Barry. Also on this tape: Farmer Alfalfa

Wire Service
1956-7 adventure series about a trio of globe-trotting reporters.
'The Johnny Rath Story' with Dane Clark (one hour).

Woody Allen
A 1965 program from Grenada Television in Great Britain. See a young Woody doing a half hour of standup comedy.

Woody Allen 1969 program with The 5th Dimension, Billy Graham and Candice Bergen. Includes original commercials (Tony Randall for Libbys). One hour.

World Series 1965
Highlights from tha annual Fall classic. See Sandy Kofax and the L.A. Dodgers battle the Minnesota Twins.

Wyatt Earp / Bat Masterson
'Earp Rides Shotgun' (Hugh O'Brien) / 'Canvas and the Cane' (Gene Barry)

Wyatt Earp / The Rifleman
'The Assasins' (Hugh O'Brien) / 'Mail Order Bride' (Chuck Connors)

Yancy Derringer
Western action with Jock Mahoney. This 1958-59 series was set in post-Civil War New Orleans and co-starred X-Brands as Yancy's Indian companion Pahoo, with Kevin Hagen and Frances Bergen. Sexy Beverly Garland co-stars as Yancy's gypsy pal. She dresses up like a man so she can attend a prizefight and throws herself into the disguise with such gusto that she even swats a shapely woman on the backside!
'Fair Freebooter' and 'Wayward Warrior.'

Yancy Derringer
'Ticket to Nachez' and 'Duel at the Oaks.'

Yancy Derringer
'Fire on the Frontier' and 'Collector's Item' with Claude Akins and Yvette Mimieux

Yancy Derringer / Bat Masterson
'Quiet Firecrackers' / 'General Sherman' (Gene Barry)

You Are There
Historical dramas presented as news events; hosted by Walter Cronkite. 'The Great Diamond Fraud' and 'The Capture of John Wilkes Booth.'

You Are There
'Napolean's Return from Elba' and 'Washington Crosses the Delaware.'

You Asked for It
Two complete shows from the 1950-59 series. Featuring daredevil stunt drivers, card sharks, trained animals, ice skating and more.

You Bet Your Life
Original pilot program from 1950. Includes original mistakes, etc. (one half hour program).

You Bet Your Life
Two more episodes of the popular Groucho Marx show.


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